Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Netflix... aka How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

We love Netflix. Really, we do. I couldn't even begin to list the ways we love them. (And they aren't paying me, so that is saying something.)

As teachers, we find endless opportunities to use it in the classroom (Magic School Bus, Nat Geo, Free Willy... There's always an option.) Plus, it allows us to catch up on TV shows we may have missed seasons of, as well as exploring movies we never would have watched otherwise.

This summer our Netflix subscription got the workout of all workouts and we watched A LOT of TV and movies. What we hadn't bargained for, however, was that we would rejoice when we found a movie we loved, and that we would silently curse Netflix when we stumbled across a less than enjoyable film. (Never turned them off, mind you, just cursed Netflix.)

(Disclaimer: I am working REALLY hard to get the pictures from being wonky and all over the place! Sorry about the ABC Family section especially. It's a work in progress ;)

Here is a brief recap of how our summer vacation was spent.

Pretty Little Liars:

I was already caught up on this little gem of teenage drama, in which 4 high school girls are cyber stalked, cyber bullied, actually stalked, and sometimes almost killed, but I felt like Michelle needed to be caught up as well. So, we got her up to speed and ready for the summer premiere as quickly as possible. What happened then, was that we got all our friends involved, and had a "theme night" (by ourselves) at our weekly trivia game.

Bonus points if you know which Liar we are. ;)

Now you can say you know what teachers do with their summers. And that they have too much free time on their hands. Except maybe the ones with kids. They may be busier. 

Score: Netflix 0, Princesses 1

See how this works? We get a point for quality viewing, Netflix gets a point when they trick us into watching something trashy, gross, or just plain awful.

After our PLL marathon was over, we went on a bit of a movie binge.

The following films are not what we wanted. They were not family comedies, silly stories, or even heartwarming. They were sad... and depressing... and as I have said before, just plain awful. These movies have promising casts, titles that make you intrigued, and even covers that catch your eye. But I assure you, friends, do not do it. You will surely regret it. I promise.
 Family Weekend (2013) Poster

Netflix: 6, Princesses: 1

As you can see, Netflix pulled ahead in the race rather quickly.

We watched a few good ones:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is in fact the new Footloose. And we didn't hate it. Who knew?!

Netflix: 6 Princesses: 3

What happened next is what I like to call The ABCFamily movie explosion. We cannot help it, as children of the 90's we are programmed to seek to seek these movies out, watch them, and love them. (It was Fox Family back when they started hooking us on their made for TV flicks, just to demonstrate how deep this tie really is.)

We've never come across an ABCFamily movie we didn't like. Never.


Except these two. These two were not good.

Netflix: 8, Princesses: 8

As you can see, it was a long and difficult journey through the bowels of Netflix, and for a while there, we really thought Netflix was going to win. And while they didn't exactly lose, neither did we! And as far as these Couch Potato Princesses are concerned- that's what matters!

We have learned how to be much more discerning when choosing a movie. For example, James Franco does NOT automatically make a movie a "yes". (Apparently, neither does Julia Roberts or Kate Hudson.) You cannot assume that a movie will follow the plot line you want, just because of the title. (Family Weekend was not family friendly at all!) Do not always trust the rating IMDB gives a movie (Melina... I still can't get it out of my mind. 5.8?! My brain will never recover.) And, when all else fails... Go with ABCFamily. They (almost) never disappoint!

What are some of your Netflix wins and losses?? Do you have any awesome recommendations for us?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In case of emergency...

One evening while watching TV on the Wii...

L: (in EXTREME panic) The batteries died!! THE BATTERIES DIED!!!

M: I don't know what you want me to do about that.

L: They're dead. No blue lights!!

M: (opens a console where we keep various items) Nothing but bones in there. 

L: Bones? The bones of old remotes?! THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

M: Dog bones. Chillax. There are batteries in the kitchen.

L: Thank God.

The Final Rose!

Hey Bachelorette Fans! We are here with one final post from this very lackluster, and entirely too long season of The Bachelorette.

I know not everyone was able to stick with Desiree and her band of miserable men until the end, but if you did, please read on to hear our thoughts and share yours :)

The episode started with a recap of the longest breakup in the history of ever, and showed Desiree crying just a little bit more about her break up with Brooks. Chris Harrison encouraged Des to go through with the rose ceremony and spend a little more time with both Drew and Chris before deciding to send them home. And Desiree did just that. She explained, tearfully, to the boys that Brooks had sent himself home, did not mention that she was in love with him, and then gave both of them roses.

At this point, I'm a little miffed. I really believed that Desiree loved Brooks, and the fact that she's just handing out roses willy nilly is really ruining my trust in her. Anyhow, it was clear that of the two suitors left, she liked Chris more. She hugged him much longer and that is evidence enough for me. (I was a heartbroken girl once, I get it. You hug the person you like best.)

We then cut to our bestie Chris Harrison with a live studio audience, where Chris decided to get some audience members opinions. We only listened to the audience member if they said something we agreed with. So, that lady who was rooting for Drew? She got skipped right over. But, the ladies who discussed Brooks coming back, or Desiree ending up alone, them we listened to.

Anyhow, back in Antigua, Desiree began a date with Drew by taking him horseback riding. And then leading him directly off a cliff. Ok, not really. But kind of. After just a very short horseback ride, Desiree had Drew stop along the beach and broke up with him.

And that is what I was hoping for (sorry, Drew). If she was so desperately in love with Brooks, she couldn't actually just continue to date these guys that she doesn't love... Could she? Regardless, she sent Drew packing and then, I assume, continued to cry about her lost love, Brooks.

Never fear, however, because that Desiree picked herself right back up and went on a date with Chris. Chris, met a much better fate than Drew, as he actually got to go on his date. They went boating and did a lot of other Antigua-y things and Desiree decided she did in fact want Chris to meet her family.

At some point Chris gave Desiree a journal. This had Michelle all kinds of torn up, shouting about how Zak already gave her a journal, and that it was too little, too late. Although, this one wasn't written in invisible ink, so that's something. Naturally, there were poems. Because that's what Chris does. He writes poems. A lot of 'em.

After another commercial break, Chris Harrison brings us back to the studio audience where we are reunited with some of our old friends. First, Sean and his child bride Catherine (seriously, she looked ten years younger than him) who declined to tell us about their wedding date. (Why? ABC is going to put it on TV anyway.) Then we got to see our old friends Jackie, Lesley, and Lindsay, who I am sure were thrilled to be hanging out in a room with Sean and Catherine again. The three ladies all took a turn to tell us basically that they thought Brooks had been a front runner, but that Desiree did seem happy with Chris, and that they just want their good friend Desiree to be happy.

Then we are magically transported back to the island of Antigua where Chris had the opportunity to meet Desiree's parents and her brother, Nate (dun, dun DUUUNNNN).

This was a fairly boring meet the parents. Desiree's family knew that Chris was the only guy left, so they really only had to determine if they liked him, they didn't have to compare him to another guy and see which one they'd rather spend Christmas with. Even Desiree's brother, who I was sure would cause a scene and make things a little more interesting, did not. He gave Chris a little bit of a once over and then asked Desiree about Brooks, because apparently even he knew she was going to pick Brooks. Desiree was able to explain it all away, and make it ok that the guy she was in love with is no longer in contention for guy she will marry.

When Chris and Desiree start preparing for the day of the supposed proposal I started shouting (yes, shouting) for Brooks. Because I really was convinced that he would come back. But instead, Neil Lane came out and sold Chris (Chris, ABC, whoever) a giant engagement ring. My hopes for seeing Brooks again were certainly starting to dwindle.

As Chris made his way up to the engagement patio, I start to realize that this girl is really going to let him propose to her, and I have begun to get a little disenchanted. If Desiree has to settle for her second choice on national TV with all of ABC's wealth and power behind her, how is there hope for us normal girls?! But wait-- there's a glimmer of hope! After Chris gives Desiree an (almost) poetic speech, she does in fact stop him from getting down on one knee! Chris looks terrified.

And then Desiree tells him that she had really strong feelings for Brooks, and him, and that she had been torn between the two of them all along. (Oh, really? That's not what you said last week.)

Then she told him Drew was gone.

Then she told him she loved him, that Brooks blindsided her and she wasn't able to see that Chris had been there all along.

AND THEN SHE LET HIM PROPOSE! And she even said yes.

I mean, congratulations, I suppose are in order. HOWEVER, I have strong doubts about this relationship. Desiree was heartbroken about Brooks and continued to tell us about how she had never had someone love her completely. And Chris, God love him, I think he does love the girl. But should he have to be with someone who is settling for him, just because he loves her? I am nervous for both of them, I really am. But only time will tell if these two crazy kids can make it after all!

I can honestly say, thank goodness this season is over! Desiree was a little bit of a dud, and the men were.. well, they were collectively the worst group ever.

Here's hoping that in January Juan Pablo will be able to bring us a little bit more.... just more. More of everything.

Until then, friends! :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The longest break up in the history of ever... Bachelorette 7/29/13

Hey friends! Hope you have been well while winding this semi-unfortunate season of The Bachelorette to an end.

Did you watch The Men Tell All special? So did we. I actually was going to blog about it, but every time I sat down to write it up, I felt like I was rehashing all the same old things we have all already talked about. Because that's what the men in this season are all about: talking everything to death.

But, now we are down to the final three men in Antigua and there is apparently drama ahead, as the previews showed plenty of tears to go around.

Desiree recapped her relationships with each of the three men, and based on what she had to say, I think we all know Drew and Chris do not stand even a remote chance. Desiree has made it clear that she in fact loves Brooks, and has said that her relationship with Brooks is on another level than the others. Des, why are we even still here? Couldn't you have made a deal with ABC where we watched you and Brooks get to know each other for a few weeks, rather than dragging all these other guys, and their families, through the all this unnecessary drama?

Desiree's first date was with Drew. He's sweet, he's easy on the eyes, he uses a lot of hair product, he may be gay, but I go into watching this date thinking two things:

1. Poor Drew. Desiree is going to send you home.
2. When is all the crying going to start?

But, regardless of my thoughts, Drew and Desiree spent the day driving and going to an Antiguan market village. It was exactly the kind of date you would want to have if you were in fact in love with the person you were with, which Desiree is apparently not. Their dinner on the beach was washed out by rain, so our Dynamic Duo entered the fantasy suite early, where they apparently were not allowed to eat their dinner? Just because it is raining, ABC, doesn't mean they don't want to eat. The pair had a talk about open communication and assertiveness, and then Drew booted the cameras right out of the suite so he and Desiree could do whatever it is that they were going to do in there.

We next found ourselves in Boise, Idaho where our friend Brooks needed to go to see his mom and sister before being going to Antigua. Brooks sat down with two of the ladies in his life to discuss his feelings, where he is at emotionally with his relationship with Desiree, and whether or not he was truly in love with her.

Right off the bat, Brooks says he's uncomfortable with the idea of proposing to Desiree and that he shies away from answering the question of whether or not he loves her. Well, Brooks, if you already know these two things, why are we even still here? Brooks of course says there are a lot of things he does love about Desiree, but he's just not far enough down the relationship road and isn't ready for all this. His sister told him he should really know by now, and that if he wasn't where he needed to be yet, then he wasn't in love. Because it is so unrealistic that a guy would need more than 9 weeks before being ready to propose to a girl? We have clearly somehow gotten our priorities skewed here in Bachelor(ette) nation, and Brooks's sister has fallen right down the rabbit hole.

Next up, Desiree's date with Chris. The two took a helicopter ride to a deserted beach where they set up a delightful picnic. Again, we have an example of a romantic date with a sweet guy, who we already know Desiree is not in love with. What I want to know is, Desiree, why are you doing all of this?

Let's just say you choose Brooks and the two of you are happy as clams. Now, the two of you are home together, watching the season on TV, and Brooks is saying "Wait- if you knew you were in love with me, why were you and Chris rolling around in the surf together?" Think it through, Desiree, think it through.

Back to the date, Chris and Desiree went to their romantic dinner, where I was completely distracted by the screeching noises coming from the jungle behind them. (Did anyone else hear them? Seriously, they were almost the only thing I could focus on.) Desiree, who is, again, in love with a different guy, asks Chris about the future. They discussed the job he has in Seattle and the prospects of her moving there to be with him, which are apparently good. Even though she doesn't love him? (In case you hadn't picked up on it, Desiree is driving me nuts in this episode. I am clearly ready for our new season to start in January.)

Desiree offered Chris the fantasy suite card, which he naturally accepted, and then read her some poetry. Of course.

Now that we have seen dates for both Chris and Drew, it is as if the two of them are completely interchangeable for Desiree. She says all the same things about both of them, and there seems to be very little variation.

We were now treated to another one of Desiree's little love fests for Brooks. Which was particularly poignant considering we already know Brooks is having serious doubts.

Brooks was in fact having so many doubts that he needed to schedule a sit down with everyone's favorite therapist, Chris Harrison.

Brooks tried, very unsuccessfully, to explain to Chris (and all of us) how he was feeling about Desiree. Basically, what it boils down to is this: Brooks is not in love with Desiree. He has strong feelings for her, which in any normal relationship after the 9 week mark would likely be enough, but not strong enough to call her the love of his life. So, we are where we are. Had Brooks and Desiree met on the streets, would those two crazy kids have been able to work it out? We may never know. But what we do know is that Brooks probably needs a little more time before proposing to a girl and he unfortunately is not going to get it.

Meanwhile, Desiree has been preparing herself for a romantic, stress free day with Brooks and she is thrilled when she sees him approaching her. Until she realizes somethings wrong. And the poor girl, I honestly think she didn't realize it was about her until they had crossed the beach, walked down a dock, and found a bench.

We then began the longest break-up in the history of ever. Desiree was (finally) honest with someone and told Brooks that she was in love with him, not with the other guys. To which he responded, "Why didn't you tell me?" Maybe Brooks was just guarding and protecting his heart (thanks Kasey!) because he didn't want to fall in love with someone who might not choose him? Maybe if he had known, he could have let himself fall in love? Again, things we won't know because of the magic of TV dating.

Brooks and Desiree broke up for almost 30 minutes. There was a lot of crying, a lot of sighing, a lot of apologies... it was really not a pretty scene.

Why now, Brooks? Because I didn't know before, Desiree.

There are so many things I love about you, Desiree. That isn't making it any easier, Brooks. 

I was conflicted because I wanted to be spending all my time with you, Brooks. I wish you had told me that sooner, Desiree.

I lose our connection when we are apart, Desiree. Go to hell, Brooks. (Ok, she didn't say that. But she should have.)

Meanwhile, Brooks' hair took this opportunity to star in its own show entitled "Watch Me Dance" in which Brooks' hair was OUT OF CONTROL. Dude, if you are going to choose to have hair that long, know your boundaries with running your hands through it.

After they FINALLY separated, Desiree went back to the water to cry by herself, and Brooks, also cried alone in the woods. But why the sobs, Brooks? Because you don't want to leave Desiree?

I think Brooks was unprepared for what happened in his break up with Des. I don't think he expected to find out that Desiree was so desperately in love with him.

But what will happen next Bachelorette fans?? Will this sudden turn of break up events be enough to make Brooks realize he is in love with Desiree, and he was just afraid? Or will he head back to Utah and settle down there?

And what will happen to Chris and Drew?

I suppose we will all have to tune in next week to find out.

Monday, July 22, 2013


In case you don't speak #hashtags, that said: aren't we letting this get a little out of control?

The 'this" I refer to is hashtagging. Please, don't get defensive over there Hash Tagging Harriet, because I am not referring to you, the Queen of Hashtagging all your posts. I, too, am a hashtagger, so I am in no way trying to discourage you from getting your feelings hashed out. #preachonsister

I am referring to mainstream media and the pressure they are putting on you, the average American TV lover, to hashtag.

Have you noticed that while watching like EVERY show on TV, there are hashtag suggestions put out there for you. Really, NBC, I wouldn't think to #TheVoice on my own without your help? MasterChef... I know these are your auditions, but thanks for the reminder; #MCauditions.

And those aren't even the worst of it. That is the "grown-up" TV I watch, so their hashtag suggestions are fairly sophisticated compared to the teeny-bopper shows I watch. (Because yes, yes I do watch teeny-bopper TV. And I am not ashamed.)

With a show like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, you know you've got an opportunity for #hashtag gold. Those viewers, the 14-24 female range, there's your #money. In just one episode of Pretty Little Liars, I think there are as many as 6 or 7 suggestions. And they aren't #PLL, or even #ImwatchingPLL.

(Spoiler alert: If you are not current on PLL I advise that you stop reading. The #hashtags might ruin a #surprise for you.)

Some PLL hashtag examples include:

#monasA  #tobysdead #poorezra

All these are little marketing devices created to generate interest in the show, so if enough viewers tweet the same hash tag, it will trend and then more and more people will want to watch their show.

However, all the hashtags listed above were technically lies. Mona is kind of A, I guess. But not really. Toby was dead for like 5 episodes, and Ezra was only "poor" for seriously no longer than a minute because his arrest only lasted that long before we learned it was Aria's dream.

I am unsure of my stance on what these hash tags mean, as far as TV watching goes. Do we really need to live tweet every show we watch? What about those of us who don't watch the show live? You have now #ruinedthesurprise for me if I happen across your #tobysdead tweet while scrolling my Twitter feed. But with the changing times and younger generations being so incredibly dialed in to social media, maybe live tweets and #hashtags really are the key to television success in the future.

Comment below and let me know what you think about #hashtags, #tvwithhashtags, and Pretty Little Liars. Because seriously, who is A?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Where have all the men gone?

I know what you're thinking, Lindsey, you are the one who has been gone all this time, not us. And truly, I am sorry for my absence. But worry not, I have seen each and every episode and I am prepared to break the hometown dates down for you here and now. So, buckle your seat belts and get ready for Home-Town-Palooza!

(I should add a disclaimer here that I have been dismally disappointed with the selection of Bachelors this season. And I cannot promise that I won't allow my true feelings to show through here tonight. But I will be fair and give you Michelle's opinion too, as she is nicer than I am. :)

Date 1: Zak in Dallas

I am not a fan of Zak. He started off the season wearing no clothes and standing on a tiny deck, and really, hasn't gotten any better from there. (Michelle disagrees. She thinks he's lovely and he has really grown on her. Michelle sees that Des and Zak are good for one another and that Cupid has flung an arrow at them. (I mean if even Cupid wasn't all that invested, why should we be?))

Zak meets up with Des in the park and is immediately goofy and silly with her, which she does seem to love about him. Then he revealed the family Sno-Cone Mobile. Michelle is of course, LOVING the Sno-Cones, and insisting that everyone loves a Sno-Cone on a hot day. Which may be true, but it doesn't make me like him any more. Then... he dressed up as a Penguin. I really have no words. But, the kids seemed to like it and Desiree told them all that the penguin was her boyfriend.

Then, they took the Sno-Cone Mobile on over to meet Zak's family; his mom, dad, brother and sister. Zak regaled his family with the story of his shirtless entrance. They were no more impressed than I was. I did actually like Zak's family. His mom was funny and sweet, and if perhaps Zak will tone it down after the show is over, I can get closer to the boarding gate. Though I am still not quite on board.

Zak rearranged the song he wrote for Desiree (which he sang during the Miss America date) and had his brother and sister sing it, while he played the guitar. Desiree and Michelle were very touched. I was not horrified. Zak took Desiree outside and offered her a ring to show her he loved her (Michelle started crying at this point, I am going to have to get a new companion to watch this show with).

The grand total on Zak is one Princess with a thumbs up, and one with a thumbs down. Who do you side with?

Date 2: Drew in Scottsdale

Shockingly, I am also not a fan of Drew. He's nice enough, but... I think he might be gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I just think he might be on the wrong show. Unless of course, his goal is to be the next Bachelorette. And then perhaps Drew has been on the right track all along. (And how much hair product can one man use? Simmer down on the hair gel, Drew.)

Desiree called Drew 'adorable' upon meeting up with him, which is a great word to describe your puppy, but less of a great word to describe your boyfriend. Drew is taking Desiree to meet his dad, his mom and step-dad, his brother and sister and their spouses, their kids, and then his other sister. And a partridge in a pear tree. (How many family members did you think was appropriate for a first meeting, Drew?) To make things more awkward, this will be the first time Drew's dad has been to his mom's house. Fun times!

Drew is the guy with a sister who has disabilities. Desiree is really excited to meet Melissa, which is super sweet. Melissa was really excited to see Drew, probably because he's been away for so long. Desiree's meeting with Melissa went really well, and the three of them went on their way to meet the rest of Drew's ginormous family.

Desiree's time with Drew's family was a lot more serious than her time with Zak's family. I think that for a first meeting things do not necessarily need to be quite so serious. (Michelle started projecting what might be happening if she was meeting Drew's family. She was talking VERY fast and was clearly uncomfortable, which furthers my opinion that less serious is more on a hometown date.) Drew told Des that he loves her, making Des 2 for 2 tonight.

Drew gets two thumbs down from the Couch Potato Princesses, how did you decide?

Date 3: Chris in McMinnville (that's in Oregon, y'all)

I dislike Chris less than I dislike the previously mentioned bachelors. He's a poet, which isn't really my bag, but whatever works for ya, Chris. He seems to be an all around good guy, with a nice sense humor and a good head on his shoulders. Which might be great if I was looking to hire someone to do my taxes, but less great when I am looking for a husband.

Desiree dropped the bomb that Chris apparently played professional baseball. Did any of you know that? We did not know that. We thought he was just merely a mortgage broker. Chris and Des did have a really cute baseball date together. The combo of wine and baseball has really made me like Chris. I didn't think it was possible, but it seems to be happening. He's still no Arie, but we can't all be professional racecar drivers who kiss with the skill of a Roman god. We'll see how the rest of the date pans out for Chris.

Chris didn't break down his family for me, but there were a few of them. Not like Drew style or anything, but more than Zak had. Chris' dad is a chiropractor, and he offered to give Des an adjustment. So... that was weird. I like going to the chiropractor, don't get me wrong, but it was weird. Chris then had his dad put a balloon up his nose... I don't know what that does, but I am calling my mom, who used to work for a chiropractor, to ask.

Chris' family didn't like his last girlfriend, so it is going to all come down to what the overprotective mama says. And Mom does seem to like Des, though it was almost begrudging that she gave him her approval. Chris... I don't know if baseball can overcome this weird family element you've got going on.

The Princesses give Chris two very confused thumbs to the side. He was great (other than that weird balloon up the nose thing) but his family was more awkward than I feel comfortable with.

Date 4: Brooks in Salt Lake City (Welcome to the Land of Many Wives)

Brooks has been my favorite up until now, but really that is only because I feel like I had to pick one. Michelle thinks Brooks needs a haircut, and that they did have a connection in the beginning, but she is not sure that it has moved on from the initial spark.

Desiree told the camera she "loves Brooks" which is a problem since he told the camera he's not sure how he feels. (Can she even say that? Is that allowed? Did she mean love, love, or love in the way that I love my brown wedges? It matters.) It's hard for him not to have enough time to really figure out his feelings, which is understandable, but not how the show works. Sooo, pull it together or leave, Brooks. Desiree gathered some memories of her and Brooks to share together and the two had a nice little stroll down memory lane.

Brooks took Des on a canoe date, which was going great until the boat almost tipped. However, this whole start to their date reminded us how much of a deep connection Brooks and Des have shared since the beginning. They do seem to have a lot in common and enjoy being together, but if Brooksie is having doubts than really, why are we even still here?

Desiree brought a small gift to Brooks' house, which is the first time she's done that this episode (you know, because she loves him). Brooks' family is apparently so large (welcome to Utah, y'all) that they have to wear name tags. Desiree seems much more interested in meeting Brooks' family which is either because she's head over heels for him, or because she's unsure.

Brooks' brothers were concerned that Des couldn't "hang" with him, but Brooks thinks she can. Des told Brooks' mom that her biggest concern was whether or not Brooks was ready for marriage, and his mom assured Des that with the right woman, he would be. Brooks had a sweet heart to heart with his sister where she explained how Brooks should be feeling about Des. Brooks' mom told him that she was surprised by some of Desiree's questions; like she may be concerned if that Des is unsure that Brooks is ready, maybe Brooks might not actually be in love with Des.

I just don't know, Brooks. I want to love you, but I am worried you're not committed to Desiree. He is apparently feeling a bit more comfortable about Des now that she's been to Salt Lake, and he seems to think it has been a turning point.

We are giving Brooks two princess thumbs up, though Michelle's comes with trepidation because she thinks he might be a little bit tooooo serious.

After the hometown dates were over, Desiree had a meeting set up with her brother, who she hasn't seen since the fiasco of her hometown date with Sean. Desiree felt like she needed to clear the air with Nate since she needs to decide whether or not she wants for him to meet the final two guys who will meet her family. Nate really probably thinks this whole TV dating show thing is a crock. He seems to have no faith in the process and to his mind, Desiree should be able to tell him who the "winner" is right now, if it is working. Desiree thinks Nate is more open this time around (which is not really the vibe I picked up on, but she was there, I wasn't) and will consider having him there to meet the guys with her parents.

Chris (Harrison.. not the former professional baseball player) and Desiree had a heart to heart before the rose ceremony so that Desiree can sort out her feelings before giving out a rose. Desiree expressed to Harrison that she's in love with Brooks (love, love, not brown wedges love) and we got the impression that Chris was a close second. This kind of sent Michelle into a bit of a spiral as she really feels bad for Zak. (I was less empathetic.) Desiree then did that really reflective show where she stares at each picture as if the head shots are going to reveal a deep truth to her before she starts handing out roses.

Michelle got anxious hiccups during the rose ceremony, which saw her favorite, Zak, leave us. She then went into a theatrical performance about the agony she (and Zak) were feeling at his departure. So long, Zak. We are sad to see you go (though some of us CLEARLY more than others).

Michelle and I both peg Drew as the next cast off. I am still rooting for Brooks to win and Michelle refuses to participate in predicting because now that Zak, who she hated when he was on the tiny deck, is gone, no one can win and everyone will lose.

What are your thoughts about who will indeed win Desiree's love? Comment below and let us know!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

She may have too much free time on her hands.

Michelle is cleaning out some tubs of junk in the laundry room, and then suddenly this happened.

M: I have a lot of paint. We should paint something.

L: (quizzical stare)

M: (holds up 2 bags of paint)

L: What do you want us to paint?

M: (looks around and settles on the dog for a few seconds, looks back at me with her eyebrows raised.)

L: You're not painting the dog.

M: I also have a lot of glitter.

L: No.