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Welcome to our couch, friends and fellow couch potatoes! To kick off our time here on the couch, we decided to create a bio for each other, highlighting our very best (and worst) qualities for your enjoyment. So, without further ado...

Name: Lindsey
Age: Old enough to drink, but young enough to enjoy it.
Sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Shopping (all kinds), collecting DVDs (Seriously, our living room is like walking into a Blockbuster. Do those still exist?), and all things cat (I feel like that one is self-explanatory, and will be revisited at a later date).
Likes: Wine, Trivia, and Celery. (Just kidding, she hates celery. It literally makes her gag. I've seen it.)
Dislikes: Celery, duh.
Side of the couch: Right

Name: Michelle
Age: Younger than me. Whore.
Sign: Gemini
Hobbies: Borrowing my clothes/shoes, biting her nails, and working on the weekends. (None of those are real, actual hobbies. After a lengthy discussion we determined Michelle actually has no hobbies. She does like dogs, but not in the way I like cats, which makes it a like, not a hobby.)
Likes: Dogs, wine, trivia night, going in the exit (Just kidding. This she hates. Michelle hates breaking any rules. All rules, in fact. Sometimes, when we are shopping and she is about to enter through the exit I begin to mock her and then she HAS to go to the correct door. Yea, yea, it's mean. Reserve your judgement until you try it, because it is also funny.)
Dislikes: Rule breaking, staying up past bed time
Oh, and long walks on the beach. You can choose if it is a like, or a dislike ;)
Side of the couch: Left

Until further adieu, Coach Potatoes, we bid you farewell.
And see you next week.

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