Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Final Rose!

Hey Bachelorette Fans! We are here with one final post from this very lackluster, and entirely too long season of The Bachelorette.

I know not everyone was able to stick with Desiree and her band of miserable men until the end, but if you did, please read on to hear our thoughts and share yours :)

The episode started with a recap of the longest breakup in the history of ever, and showed Desiree crying just a little bit more about her break up with Brooks. Chris Harrison encouraged Des to go through with the rose ceremony and spend a little more time with both Drew and Chris before deciding to send them home. And Desiree did just that. She explained, tearfully, to the boys that Brooks had sent himself home, did not mention that she was in love with him, and then gave both of them roses.

At this point, I'm a little miffed. I really believed that Desiree loved Brooks, and the fact that she's just handing out roses willy nilly is really ruining my trust in her. Anyhow, it was clear that of the two suitors left, she liked Chris more. She hugged him much longer and that is evidence enough for me. (I was a heartbroken girl once, I get it. You hug the person you like best.)

We then cut to our bestie Chris Harrison with a live studio audience, where Chris decided to get some audience members opinions. We only listened to the audience member if they said something we agreed with. So, that lady who was rooting for Drew? She got skipped right over. But, the ladies who discussed Brooks coming back, or Desiree ending up alone, them we listened to.

Anyhow, back in Antigua, Desiree began a date with Drew by taking him horseback riding. And then leading him directly off a cliff. Ok, not really. But kind of. After just a very short horseback ride, Desiree had Drew stop along the beach and broke up with him.

And that is what I was hoping for (sorry, Drew). If she was so desperately in love with Brooks, she couldn't actually just continue to date these guys that she doesn't love... Could she? Regardless, she sent Drew packing and then, I assume, continued to cry about her lost love, Brooks.

Never fear, however, because that Desiree picked herself right back up and went on a date with Chris. Chris, met a much better fate than Drew, as he actually got to go on his date. They went boating and did a lot of other Antigua-y things and Desiree decided she did in fact want Chris to meet her family.

At some point Chris gave Desiree a journal. This had Michelle all kinds of torn up, shouting about how Zak already gave her a journal, and that it was too little, too late. Although, this one wasn't written in invisible ink, so that's something. Naturally, there were poems. Because that's what Chris does. He writes poems. A lot of 'em.

After another commercial break, Chris Harrison brings us back to the studio audience where we are reunited with some of our old friends. First, Sean and his child bride Catherine (seriously, she looked ten years younger than him) who declined to tell us about their wedding date. (Why? ABC is going to put it on TV anyway.) Then we got to see our old friends Jackie, Lesley, and Lindsay, who I am sure were thrilled to be hanging out in a room with Sean and Catherine again. The three ladies all took a turn to tell us basically that they thought Brooks had been a front runner, but that Desiree did seem happy with Chris, and that they just want their good friend Desiree to be happy.

Then we are magically transported back to the island of Antigua where Chris had the opportunity to meet Desiree's parents and her brother, Nate (dun, dun DUUUNNNN).

This was a fairly boring meet the parents. Desiree's family knew that Chris was the only guy left, so they really only had to determine if they liked him, they didn't have to compare him to another guy and see which one they'd rather spend Christmas with. Even Desiree's brother, who I was sure would cause a scene and make things a little more interesting, did not. He gave Chris a little bit of a once over and then asked Desiree about Brooks, because apparently even he knew she was going to pick Brooks. Desiree was able to explain it all away, and make it ok that the guy she was in love with is no longer in contention for guy she will marry.

When Chris and Desiree start preparing for the day of the supposed proposal I started shouting (yes, shouting) for Brooks. Because I really was convinced that he would come back. But instead, Neil Lane came out and sold Chris (Chris, ABC, whoever) a giant engagement ring. My hopes for seeing Brooks again were certainly starting to dwindle.

As Chris made his way up to the engagement patio, I start to realize that this girl is really going to let him propose to her, and I have begun to get a little disenchanted. If Desiree has to settle for her second choice on national TV with all of ABC's wealth and power behind her, how is there hope for us normal girls?! But wait-- there's a glimmer of hope! After Chris gives Desiree an (almost) poetic speech, she does in fact stop him from getting down on one knee! Chris looks terrified.

And then Desiree tells him that she had really strong feelings for Brooks, and him, and that she had been torn between the two of them all along. (Oh, really? That's not what you said last week.)

Then she told him Drew was gone.

Then she told him she loved him, that Brooks blindsided her and she wasn't able to see that Chris had been there all along.

AND THEN SHE LET HIM PROPOSE! And she even said yes.

I mean, congratulations, I suppose are in order. HOWEVER, I have strong doubts about this relationship. Desiree was heartbroken about Brooks and continued to tell us about how she had never had someone love her completely. And Chris, God love him, I think he does love the girl. But should he have to be with someone who is settling for him, just because he loves her? I am nervous for both of them, I really am. But only time will tell if these two crazy kids can make it after all!

I can honestly say, thank goodness this season is over! Desiree was a little bit of a dud, and the men were.. well, they were collectively the worst group ever.

Here's hoping that in January Juan Pablo will be able to bring us a little bit more.... just more. More of everything.

Until then, friends! :)


  1. Ugh. I COULD NOT BELIEVE they tried to sell THAT as a love story. Blech. She was so obviously only into Brooks. The whole, "I missed what was perfect in front of me the whole time" Oh, man. I was so grossed out. She's one sad and desperate girl. I do think Chris loves her. So poor Chris, too. The whole thing was just sad and depressing--which makes it the perfect ending to this hideous season. --Lisa

    1. Lisa, we knew you'd agree! I just cannot understand why she would do that, other than being desperate and tired of being alone. I am so glad this season is finally over!!