Monday, June 10, 2013

Me vs. Texting

When I text a guy, it goes a little something like this...

M: *taptaptaptaptap* Ugh, I can't write that.. *deletedeletedeletedelete*
M: Oh, I know.. *taptaptaptaptap* Perfect.
(10 seconds later)
M: What is taking so long? I knew I shouldn't have said that. He is probably laughing at how nonsensical that text was. He's just having a good, loooong laugh abo-
M: See? I'm clever. That was clever. He totally got it. 
M: *taptaptap..deletedelete...pause...taptaptaptaptap*
M: Oh crap, I misspelled like three things. I have to fix them or he'll think I'm illiterate.
M: *taptaptaptaptaptap...smileyface*
M: Again? Really autocorrect??
M: *taptaptaptap..sillymonkeyface*
M: Monkey face?? How old are you, Michelle? Nobody sends a monkey face? You are such an-
M: Awwww, he sent a monkey face too. I knew that was the right move. Duh.

When I text Lindsey, it's a different story...

M: *taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap..insert photo* Lindsey is gonna think this is HYS-terical
(10 seconds later)
M: Why hasn't she responded? This stuff is gold. She must be dead...or busy, probably injured..she would never ignore this.. There's a cat invol-
M: I know, right? SO funny. 
M: *taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap*
M: Stupid autocorrect.. Although, it IS funnier when it says lizards instead of like...*shrugs*
M: *taptaptap* 
M: *taptaptap*
M: *taptaptap*
M: Sending messages out of order, really Verizon? What do I pay you for.
M: I knew she'd figure it out. That's why we're friends.

This all makes sense, right? Right.


  1. Replies
    1. I feel like I deserve a lot of credit fr figuring Michelle out all of the time. Sometimes she even talks like she texts and I have to work really hard to figure it all out!!

  2. Lol. I totally get it!!! I'm the same way with Lindsey,she always figures it out . Except sometimes she doesn't and I have to re-ask my question :)

    1. the extra advantage that you have is that you're my sister, so I can usually figure you out real quick ;)