Saturday, June 8, 2013

We Might Be Bad Neighbors

I have, more than once, complained about our neighbors on this blog. But today I've realized that we might actually be bad neighbors ourselves. Here's why.

1. We leave our trash outside our door. For days, sometimes. We just don't like to take it out. Sorry, Neighbors! (Though in our defense none of our neighbors have to actually walk by our door.)

2. Today when I was taking out said trash, the pizza box flew off the hood of my car. I didn't stop to pick it up and when I was walking out of the office after paying our rent I saw a man carrying it to the dumpster. Thanks, Neighbor!

3. When we watch TV late at night (spring break late, not we have to work tomorrow late) we yell at the TV. Really, we do. Sometimes you are watching a One Tree Hill marathon and you NEED for Lucas Scott to know you do not approve of his fiancé. It may sound like we are in the middle of a domestic dispute. Sorry, Neighbors!

4. Our alarm went off this weekend on accident. At 8:00am. Did I mention it was the weekend? Sorry, Neighbors!

5. I sometimes drop heavy things. It is probably loud. Sorry down there, Neighbor!


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  1. Hey at least you are honest about it! Good for you! :) This made me giggle!-Ashley