Monday, January 28, 2013

Which one are you? {Round Two}

For those of you that haven't read our first post, "Which one are you?" , we like to play games while watching TV. It makes the time go by faster and is really, very enjoyable.

Here's how it works, basically:

1. Pour a glass of wine. (Or two or three)
2. Watch a really good 30-minute sit-com.
3. Decide which character you are and laugh at the crazy antics that ensue.

Ben and Kate, the new Fox comedy, airs on Tuesdays at 8:30pm and is hilarious (in a weird, awkward situations kind of way). The show centers on the life of Kate, a 20-something who got pregnant in high school and has been trying to find a way to have a normal life ever since. To assist her with this endeavor, her brother Ben has come to town and really only seems to make matters worse (and weirder, I might add). Somehow, she manages, with the help of family and her best friend, BJ (who is awesomely British, and doesn't really know how to act appropriately around children).

While there are many characters that are unique and interesting in this series, our favorite characters are Kate and BJ for a number of reasons.

This is Kate. She's kind of a hot-mess, but she doesn't really mean to be - if that makes any sense at all. A single mom since she was a teenager, she has learned to depend on herself to get things done. She also bears the responsibility of taking care of her older, yet immature, brother Ben. The most important things you should know about Kate are that shes quirky (like, making funny voices at inappropriate moments), accidentally flirtatious with people she probably wouldn't ever want to be with, and accidentally mean or snobbish to people she really does like and want to date. She also has about the worst luck with men and can't seem to figure out what to say or do in order to have a lasting relationship.

Kate is me, basically, without the hot-mess part. While I don't make funny voices at inopportune moments, I am a little quirky. I don't like the sensation of biting into strawberries, I am perpetually warm but insist on wearing sweaters, and I jump to extreme conclusions. I'm weird, whatever. I also have a problem with saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sometimes alcohol is involved, other times I just don't think about how something will sound before I say it. Kate does this a lot and it tends to cause a domino effect of problems for her and her motley crew. The worst part about this problem is that it causes me to accidentally flirt with guys that I am in no way attracted to. You know, that guy approaching you at the bar in his BMW t-shirt at 1:30 am, claiming to be rich but looking (and smelling) like desperation and homeless-ness had a baby? That's the guy I accidentally hit on. Not the 28 year old brain surgeon with the Bentley out front. No, of course not. That's the one I accidentally insult who walks away without buying me a drink. These are the Kate-like problems I have. Like I said, we are basically the same.

This is BJ. She is Kate's best friend and right-hand woman. They work together (although, I use the word "work" loosely when it comes to BJ) and she often invites herself into Kate's house and life like she owns the place. It's all good though, because when Kate needs her, she is there - well dressed, manicured, and possibly slightly inebriated. She isn't very good with children, as is apparent by her interaction with Maddie, Kate's daughter, and is kind of self-absorbed but it's all very loveable because she's British and who doesn't love a good accent? She is also brutally honest and always, like a good friend, has Kate's best interest at heart - even if she shows it in extreme ways.

While Lindsey is only kind of loveable because she does not have a British accent (just kidding), she has a lot of tendencies that lead us to believe if she were a more extreme person she might be BJ. Lindsey is always well dressed and manicured, and if she had her druthers we would all be slightly inebriated and walking our dogs with a glass of wine in each hand. It's not a bad idea. BJ usually goes to extremes to make sure Kate doesn't put her foot in her mouth (a valiant effort), and Lindsey often has to do this for me too. (Although, she has never physically smacked my phone out of my hand before as BJ once did to Kate)  Basically, BJ is a really good friend and so is Lindsey, making these two obviously alike.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of "Which one are you?" and will comment with your own quirky TV games!

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