Monday, December 10, 2012

Which one are you?

So, Lindsey and I really like to play games. It's a thing. One of our most recent and favorite games to play from our couch is the "Which one are you?"game. Here's how it works, basically:

1. Pour a glass of wine. (Or two or three)
2. Watch a really good 30-minute sit-com.
3. Decide which character you are and laugh at the crazy antics that ensue.

Anywho... our favorite show to play this with is the CBS comedy, "Two Broke Girls."  It pretty much follows the lives of 2 twenty-something girls who are a bit down on their luck due to crazy different circumstances. They meet, become roommates, and embark on a journey to own a cupcake shop and make millions of dollars. Well, maybe not millions. The reason this show is so perfect for us is because A.) Lindsey and I are roommates, B.) We are broke, kind of, and C.) We like to eat cupcakes. Also, it totally describes our lives minus the part about being waitresses in New York without cars who can't pay their bills on time ever and wear the same clothes all the time. We don't have that issue. Yet.

Here are the characters:
This is Max. She had a "disadvantaged childhood." She also knows how to work the streets. Not like a prostitute, although sometimes she insinuates it.. jokingly, of course. Anyways, she is pretty witty and funny and she has big boobs (It's a thing she says, not just me).

Reasons why I'm like Max:
-I too had a disadvantaged childhood... I wasn't allowed a dog in the apartment I grew up in. I was crushed.
-I know how to work the streets.. I've lived in this same town my entire life. I couldn't get lost if I tried. (Is that not the same thing?)
-I am witty and funny. (Ask Lindsey)
And... I have big boobs. Case closed.

  This is Caroline. Caroline Channing. She was rich for a really long time. Then her Dad did something shady and now she's poor like Max. She is super high maintenance and is kind of in denial about not being able to afford the finer things in life. She is also a go getter, which proves to be helpful in the cupcake business.

Reasons why Lindsey is like Caroline:
-She isn't rich, but she shops like she is.
-She is kind of high maintenance, and I can say that because we are friends and she knows it's basically true and I love her anyways.
-She too is in denial about not being able to afford the finer things in life.
And... she is a go getter. For sure. Case closed.

So you see, that is how the game works. We play it often and as Couch Potato Princesses we encourage you to take the time and play the "Which one are you?" game too. It proves worth it in the end.

Also, it's realllllllllly super funny when your character, or your roommates character, has a life event that aligns with REAL life events. You start to even pull for your character like, "You go girl! Kill that rat! I'd never have the guts to do it for real!"

Sidebar- Lindsey just texted me from across the couch that we are out of wine. That's sad. See why we need to be rich?

If you really want to make us feel less like crazy people and more like part of normal society, comment and tell us what shows you watch and which character you (or your roommate) might be in it!

Goodnight, spuds!

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