Sunday, June 16, 2013

That moment when.... realize that your photo will be appearing on courtesy of your too-kind roommate who submitted it for you after the Father's Day Family Photo of 2013.

So, my family recently went gallivanting up the East coast of the United States and left me home to babysit the 210,482,084 animals they own and my 19 year old sister. It really wasn't a bad set up since everyone, including my sister, was fairly self sufficient other than the occasional request for food or going out.

Upon their return they brought a few of my favorite things.... presents! Excitedly I opened the brown paper packages tied up with string and found... this:

Objects in mirror are indeed as ridiculous as they appear.
No, no, I didn't find a picture of myself OR a mirror showing me how darn beautiful I look... I found a shirt that resembles the classic Dr.Seuss "Thing 1 and Thing 2" theme, only of course, stating "Trouble 1." Very funny. The gift came with the request that I wear it on Father's Day (along with the matching ones my other sisters received.) I chuckled for a moment before realizing that this request was not, in fact, a joke. With an ever so cheerful smile I agreed, thus sealing my fate to remain dateless until the year 2042 when I will undoubtedly have to settle for a balding dental hygienist whose idea of a good time is dusting his creepy puppet collection while I read him the tale of Pinocchio and he wishes his little wooden dolls to become "real boys and girls."

So here it is.. Happy Father's Day Dad, I hope you enjoy caring for me until the age of 45 and may you accept my new husband Gepetto as part of the family, puppet children and all.

There I am, just days away from 26 wearing a Dr. Seuss themed outfit for my family's amusement.


  1. Hahahahaha. That. Is. AWESOME!!! You are a good sport, Trouble 1!--Lisa

    1. I do what I can! I mean, what better way to thank Dad for all of his years of service than by ensuring he will never again have to endure a first meeting of a new boyfriend from any one of his four daughters. I hope the humane society is ready for my mass adoption of cats!

      -Michelle aka Trouble 1