Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Real Talk... That required us to pause The Bachelorette

What? Sometimes your conversations need a minute and you have to pause a one on one date.

M: I don't like him. He's not very deep. What he wants in a woman is "great and sweet"?

L: That's what I'm looking for... Someone who's great and sweet. Are you saying that's not enough?

M: Great and sweet are like the sprinkles... I need know a little more.

L: I might add funny...

M: Sprinkles! I need to know what flavor ice cream you're getting.

L: So you're not going to approve of a guy I date because he's a topping, and not a flavor?

M: No. I just want more. Tell me that you don't want a super adventurous guy. Or at least not one that makes you go on ridiculous adventures.

L: I don't know. I might do it for love.

M: (serious face) You'd never skydive. Even for love.

L: No. But I might camp.

M: Good. Camping for love. You've got a new hit show on your hands there.

L: Let me know the ratings report on Which Flavor Are You.

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