Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Has anyone else noticed how many contestants names start with B? Bachelorette update 6/17

Hello Again Bachelorette friends! We are brought together once again by our good friend Desiree and her 13 remaining contestants. That's right, everyone, we are down to just 13 men left, which means I am going to try really, really hard to learn everyone's names. We'll see how that goes. 

Chris Harrison arrived first thing to let the men know their adventure around the world was beginning with... Atlantic City. (Not Fiji, or Dubai, or anything... but better than Montana.) 

In Atlantic City Desiree's first one on one date was with Brad at the Boardwalk amusement park. During the date, Michelle and I had differing opinions on Brad. I liked him, she did not. We did both agree, as did Desiree, that Brad is exceptionally attractive. Michelle thought Brad had no depth and that Desiree would need more from a relationship. Ultimately, Michelle was right, and Des did send Brad home. Good bye Brad, it was fun while it lasted. 

And this, my fine friends leaves us with a Baker's Dozen of Bachelors left here on the show. (Look closely to see who the baker is ;) 

Desiree moved right along with a Mr. America pageant group date that was HILARIOUS. Whoever is in charge of the group dates this season is packing a big punch to make up for the lack of quality men on this season. 

On this date we saw Brooks (who is surprisingly climbing higher on the approval meter), Bryden (still our favorite), Zak W., #Kasey, Juan Pablo, Zak K., Drew, Mikey T., Michael G., Ben, and Chris. (Who is Chris? I swear I've never seen him before either.)

The competition will consist of 3 portions: talent, interview, and swimsuit. While the men practiced their talents they were coached by our reigning Miss America on how to answer interview questions. 

Some highlights from the interview portion included:
#Kasey declaring himself a giver, given the choice of any animal Brooks would be a lion, Juan Pablo has a daughter (what? a daughter? did you know that?), Mikey T. gave a men are sensitive speech because he doesn't want to be seen as a "meathead".

Highlights from the talent portion:
#Kasey badly tap dancing with a heartfelt story before hand, Brooks broke a ukulele, Ben did a ribbon dance, Chris wore heels and performed with hoola hoops, and Zak W. sang an original song.

At the end of the competition the results were:
3rd place: Brooks
2nd place: Zak W.
1st place: #Kasey

Congrats, #Kasey... But will it be enough to get him the rose??

Naturally, there was a pool at the after party. Because as I have mentioned before, there is a one swimming pool per episode minimum.

Chris revealed he is a poet and shared his poems with Des, which earned him a kiss.

Ben, everyone's least favorite contestant, had his one on one time in plain sight of everyone, not off privately like others do. Michael pointed this out to us, noting that Ben doesn't just want one on one time with Desiree, he wants everyone to know he's having one on one time with Desiree. This does seem to be an accurate description. Which just adds one more reason why we do not in fact like Ben.

(Meanwhile, James is back at the hotel by himself, treating himself to a romantic evening of bubbles, chocolate, wine, and lounging about in his robe.)

Zak W. finished singing his original song to Des which earned him the rose.

James and Desiree went on a one on one date tour of the Hurricane Sandy devastation. This date was a bit of a downer.. I get it, you're in Jersey, you want to pay homage to this tragedy that happened, but maybe a group date would have been better? For a one on one, this was not the greatest. Desiree and James did meet with a couple who's home had been destroyed by the storm. Manny and Jan were in fact the best part of the date. Des and James donated their date to them and we got to see them enjoying a delightful dinner for two.

Since their fancy dinner had been given away, Desiree and James went to a dive bar and enjoyed dinner there (because really it's not where you are, it's who you're with, ya know?). Michelle and I quickly we realized we are indeed James fans. He's sweet, caring, and fun (all those sprinkles Michelle claims not to care about in a man). James opened up to Desiree about his past and that he did cheat on a long term girlfriend. Because James was a freshman in college we have decided it is ok to give him a pass on this. We of course do not in anyway condone cheating, but at 18 when you are still figuring yourself out, have little to no self control, and were most likely intoxicated, we think there might be a bit of wiggle room.

James and Desiree then headed over to Manny and Jan's dinner date and surprised them with a refurbished version of their wedding album that had been ruined in the storm. Then, because ABC just keeps on giving, we all went to a private Darius Rucker concert, where Des did give James a rose.

During the cocktail party Desiree spent time with all the right people. Michael G. played a very cute letter game which resulted in his first (I think) kiss with Des.

Bryden, our favorite, apparently has decided he might send himself home. Bryden, if you do go home, Michelle and I are willing to change our North Carolina vacation to a Montana vacation. Just you know... send us your address.

When Bryden did talk to Desiree about his feelings she reassured him that she does feel a connection and see potential in their relationship, and that she does indeed want him to stay. Bryden is still determining if his feelings are at the right place, and he will think about whether or not he shall stay.

As the rose ceremony went on we learned the fate of all of our (semi) favorites: Brooks, Juan Pablo, Michael G., Chris, Drew, and yes even #Kasey received roses to stay, along with our non-favorites Ben, and Mikey T., and our (real) favorite Bryden.

Which left Zak K. as the last man standing without a rose. So long Zak. We will most likely not notice you are gone, but take comfort in the fact that we feel that way about most of the men this season.

Here they all are... one man down. (Yes, this is a thing we are doing now.)

Michelle's quote of the night: "You know who Desiree would go well with? Arie. Why did no one think of trying that?" Touche, Michelle. Touche. 


  1. About fell out of my chair with the visual aide for the baker's dozen. That is hysterical! And, helps me keep track who did indeed get booted. I won't know all the names until they are down to like 5 guys.

    Not sure I understand your comment about "lack of quality men" on this season. This is my first, but I'm quite happy.

    No one cares I'm sure, but Juan Pablo is my favorite. "International body" and all. I have to go with him. Definitely.

    1. We are of course thrilled you are watching along with us for your first season! But, usually the men are much more fantastic than this bunch. Hopefully they are gathering a great group of girls for next seasons Bachelor so you can see for yourself! (Although we of course prefer the seasons with many men!;)

      We don't dislike Juan Pablo, but knew you'd like him!! International bodies are definitely a plus!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!:)

  2. Oh Michelle, you broke our hearts with that last thought...Arie is WAY too good for Desiree! ;) Besides then we couldn't have an Arie season as The Bachelor and that is our singular life's goal! Manny and Jan were THE BEST PART of this entire season! :)-The Dose Girls

    1. The Couch Potato Princesses would also truly enjoy an entire season of Arie. But only if there's a way to guarantee one of us would win. ;)

      I'm looking forward to this season coming to an end, so we can just get some new faces on our screens.