Thursday, June 13, 2013

RIP Ginger

Today my mom called me with the very sad news that my childhood pet, Ginger, had passed away.

I know what you're thinking... "Why isn't she red?" But, in my youth I actually did not associate 'ginger' with red (shocking considering who I now live with, I know). Plus I was hoping my sister would name the other cat Fred, and then we'd have Fred and Ginger. We were ballerinas.. It would have been totally cute. But she went with Mittens : / 

We've all been there, I'm sure. I really thought this wouldn't be too difficult for me... But it was. Even though we think we've grown up and moved on, we sometimes must face the fact that we really are still kids in our heart of hearts; especially with something like losing a piece of your childhood.

Ginger had a pretty great life. She was found under a bag of fertilizer after being locked away from her Mama for a few days. Once my dad brought her and her furry siblings into the house, it was very clear that they were never leaving as they immediately filled the cat shaped holes that had been plaguing the hearts of my sister and me.

And I know, as mothers, we should not have played favorites, but we did. My sister, in fact, disliked Ginger tremendously. Most people did, actually, because she was totally cantankerous, especially in the end. But not me. Ginger would always be my baby, no matter how grouchy she was. (Plus, she was totally litter box trained before Mittens, which obviously made her the smarter of the two.)

Her civic duties were always very important to her. 

We had so many great years with them and really were devastated when Mittens got sick and passed away a few years ago. Since the two had been together forever, we assumed Ginger would take his passing really hard, and may in fact get sick herself. But, she didn't (further adding to her stance as a bit of a cold, uncaring, grump I suppose). Ginger in fact hung on until the ripe old age of (very nearly) 16 years old.

But, crotchity though she was, Ginger managed to worm her way into the heart of my two year old niece, Maddie, who always asks to talk to Ginger on Skype (and who in fact calls all the other cats Ginger until you correct her).

Ok, you got me. This is in fact not Ginger. But this is Ivan, the cat my sister (who claims to not like Ginger) got when she moved out. Yes, he is an exact replica... only bigger. You tell me what that says about her true feelings for Ginger.  

See... I told you.. exact replica... Only a whole bunch bigger. 
Ginger was truly one of a kind, and a wonderful companion throughout my middle and high school years. Though... we did have one feud.

Texting conversation I had with my cousin after I told him the news: 

Matt: Aww sad day. It's the end of an era! How old was she?

Me: 16! Old girl really hung on for a while. 

Matt: Perhaps it's fate that bye, bye, bye came on right after you shared the news. 

Me: Ginger was definitely an *NSYNC fan, so probably. 

Matt: Could you "tell me why?"

Me. I couldn't. Because as you know, I was a Backstreet Girl, and I can "tell you why", it was because of Brian. He was my favorite. 

Ginger probably liked *NSYNC because of Justin Timberlake.

Good bye, sweet Ginger. We will all miss you <3


  1. Ginger will be missed :( we did have our special moments when I would cone to visit without Ivan and she would sleep in the bed with me purring so loudly and kneading her dagger like claws into my legs so I could no longer sleep. But those were the times I never kicked her out of my room.

    I'm sure Maddie will continue to call all the cats Ginger until she is old enough to realize but until that time the spirit of Ginger will always be around. And I'm sure Maddie will miss Ginger's obnoxious meowing at 5 or 6 am from some cheese ;)

    RIP. Ginger you were truly one of a kind.

    1. Ginger definitely loved you, especially as she got older and older.

      I think Ginger will be least missed during her 5am cheese calls. But hopefully there are lots of luxurious cheeses in kitty heaven where she and Mittens are surely frolicking together.

  2. Aw! I'm so sorry. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet!! :( Ginger sounds like she was my kind of girl. I always like the difficult, civic minded ones who are intelligent! (She was totally smarter than Mittens.)

    Your captions are the funniest things I've ever seen. I could not stop laughing. (And how did your sister not go with "Fred"?) I almost lost it with the Ginger and Old School Timberlake collage. That is grade A blog graphics right there!

    Here's to Ginger!! --Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It was definitely a tough day. It helps to add humor when the going gets rough!