Sunday, May 19, 2013

You're not old enough to be a cowboy, baby


So, I'm trolling about Pinterest, as I often do on the couch, when I came across this picture of a baby dressed as a cowboy..

Well, I use the term "dressed" loosely. Whatever, maybe he's related to the Naked Cowboy in New York.
  Naturally I had to show it to Lindsey and get her thoughts. This is the conversation that followed: 

Michelle: Hey, look at this cute cowboy baby.
Lindsey: Why is he naked? And in a barn?
M: I don't know, because he's a cute baby.
L: Where are his parents? Why is he carrying a rope? Why doesn't he have shoes on?
M: I think you're missing the point. He's a cute baby, kind of dressed like a cowboy.
L: (Anxious look) That rope is touching his tushey, I don't know... I just don't like it. I don't like the idea of my baby wandering around naked in a barn on a farm.

It is troublesome that the rope is touching his tushey. Also that he has no shoes in a barn. I'm no farmer, but I don't think that's the safest idea. Although my spuddy senses are telling me this is probably not a real barn, so it might be okay. I personally don't think I would do this to my kid.. but I also never thought I'd drink wine out of a tervis tumbler or dance with a sombrero on my head in a public restaurant. Sometimes people do weird things.

Weigh in on the debate: Yee-haw or Naw to Cowboy Baby?


  1. Yee haw! I'm sure this picture was fully faked. Meaning no real farm or barn and the rope is probably plastic. Have you ever picked up a rope? They are heavy..not something a toddler could hold in their own. As for the naked part.. poor choice from the parents but overall it made a cute picture.

    1. I guess a rope would be heavy. I still don't think I approve. But Michelle does, so it must mean I am losing!