Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bachelorettes Unite! 5/27/13 Recap

It is that time once again friends where we welcome Chris Harrison and his brood of merry men back to our screens. The Bachelorette is back!

This season Desiree Hartsock will be our Bachelorette, 

one of Sean's unfortunate casualties last season.  You may remember Desiree as being the one girl that Sean seemed to have the best connection with, or you may remember her as the girl we decided to like when our first choice went home, or you may just remember her as that girl who looked a lot like Katie Holmes (this was particularly bothersome to me last season, as you may recall). But no matter how you remember her, Desiree was by far the most heartbreaking of the women to be sent home last season. She was incredibly genuine in her love for Sean, and it was obvious to anyone who was watching just how devastated she was to be losing her relationship with Sean. 

But luckily, through the magic of TV, we can now see Desiree put others through the same torment that she once endured. Which brings us to tonight, when the lucky Des got to meet 25 of America's most eligible bachelors. 

Please note that normally while Bachelor(ette) blogging I take notes based upon my own feelings as well as Michelle's and then I compile a comprehensive recap that includes our thoughts and opinions and share it here with you, our fellow reality TV junkie friends :) Tonight, however, was a little different as I was simultaneously trying to watch the show, not spill my drink, work on my reading endorsement, and take notes I realized I was not Super Woman, and I could not take on all of those tasks at once. So, tonight's blog post will be created through a reading of notes Michelle took during the show... so we'll see how that goes. ;) 

After meeting all 25 guys we actually feel like Desiree does not have a lot of great material to choose from. There are a few great guys in the bunch, but overall, after first meet, we do not think this is an especially great bunch of gentlemen. This will undoubtedly make it super easy for Des in the beginning as she sends the losers home, but really difficult at the end when she only has the good ones left. OR- we will be completely wrong and think that a whole lot of them are wonderful after a few episodes. (Reminder, we did think Tierra was pretty great after last season's first show.. we were clearly wrong there.)

Overall, we only had a few faves: 

Bryden, in the Army, communicates well, and made a good conenction (I think he is my favorite)

Ben, the single dad who shamelessly used his adorable child on the first night

Chris, because he had a funny shoe proposal

Our least favorites included:

Jonathan, the inappropriate guy who could NOT take a hint and who was sent home early. No one is going to the fantasy suite with you, buddy. 

Larry, very nervous, weird and creepy. His meet-cute dance move failed and he could not let it go, which may have been ok if it wasn't for the fact that he was so creepy. 

Nick- the magician/tailor. No one needs a suit maker who can pull a quarter from your ear

#Kasey- #Kasey has some kind of job in which he hashtags. This causes him to speak in hashtags. I will forever only call him #Kasey.

Zak W.- This is not a usual complain of the Couch Potato Princesses, but- PUT ON A SHIRT. He was shirtless in most of his promo package, then he got out of the limo shirtless, then he remained shirtless at the cocktail party, then he went swimming shirtless... also pantsless. 

Will- he does yoga and loves high fives. We don't mind those things, in small doses. We did however mind that he shouted his love for Desiree immediately after learning she was the Bachelorette. We will now only refer to him as Premature Will, or PW for short. 

Desiree sent home a total of 8 guys:

Dr. Larry- the creepy, unsuccessful dancer
Nick- POOF! She made you disappear
Diogo- Yes, Diogo, not Diego. I should mention that he was legit in a suit of armor. So there's that. 
Mike- The British dentist who lost his British accent.. and his chance at Bachelorette love. 
Michael G- I literally remember nothing about him... 
Jonathan- the guy who was a bigger jerk than Kalan or Bentley
Micah- Were you even a contestant?
Nick M- I don't remember you either

Looking forward to another great season of drama and fun and sharing our thoughts with you! 

Please comment and let us know your favorites/least favorites or funniest moments of the night. 


  1. Is it just me or does James look like Clark Kent?

    1. I don't really remember James. I'll check this week and let you know. ;)