Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stupid Things I Found on Pinterest

Well Pinterest, after my Facebook post I warned you that I was coming for you. Let me preface this by saying, I love Pinterest. As a couch potato, I spend a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest, coming up with great ideas to make and implement. But- much to my dismay, not every idea on Pinterest is a good one. Mind you, this will not be a blog posting all my failed Pinterest projects. This will strictly be a list of really stupid ideas I saw on Pinterest and will never try because they are stupid.

"For those days you just want to make one cookie..."

Newsflash: I have never wanted to make just one cookie. Why would I want to make one cookie? Then I'd be eating a cookie by myself, Michelle would be mad I didn't make one for her too, and I'd have to go back and make another single serving cookie in like 15 minutes because no one just wants one cookie! I feel like at a minimum, six cookies. For those days you just want to make half a dozen cookies... It makes more sense. Because no one on this couch will be making just one.

"Key Socks"

What are these exactly? I mean, I get the concept. But they make those footsie ones that just cover your feet, why do these have to go all the way up to my knee? What happens when they start to sag during the day? What happens if I end up at a friend's house, take my shoes off, then have to explain those ridiculous things? What about wearing heels with a dress? How will they help me then? And who thought of this? Stupid.

"Paper Passion"

Perfume that smells like... books. I don't really know what I can even say about this other than WHY?! Who wants to smell like a book? The only books I can even remember having a smell, are old ones. And you want to know what those smell like? Musty. Nothing I am interested in smelling like on a Friday night.

Here's the link:

In case you're interested in smelling like a library for $98 a bottle.

"Frozen Hot Chocolate"

Well, is it frozen or is it hot? Because it can't be both. Let's just call it what it is people: a chocolate milkshake. I'm into festive-ness as much as the next girl, but this I cannot condone.

"How to make perfectly clear ice cubes"

I have not ever had a need for entirely clear ice cubes. They cool my drink whether they are clear, or not. And when the process of making perfectly clear ice cubes entails boiling the water first.... No thank you.

"Boat Dress"

At least you won't drown? I don't know what the purpose of this could be, other than to keep you from drowning. Think of how ridiculous you'll look while you're trying to sunbathe.

"Shoe Tub"

I love shoes as much as the next girl, but I mean... Come on. But if you love shoes slightly more than me and want to purchase this for your home, feel free to follow this link, because for $30,000 this can be yours.\

Living Moss Bath Mat

It probably feels good on your feet... I guess? But I for one would be concerned about bugs and other things that wanted to start living there. Maybe there is a plan in place for that?

And there you have it. Some of the more ridiculous things that I have located through thorough Pinteresting. I'm not saying that everything I like is completely plausible, practical, or un-stupid, but they are at least not as stupid as these.

Let me know what crazy, weird Pinterest pins you've found in your journeys!

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