Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Upstairs Neighbors are Loud

Dear Upstairs Neighbor, 

Since arriving home today, a few theories I have been working on have become clear to me. 

1. You have an elephant whom you force into cardio exercises in the late afternoon. I am not saying I wouldn't thoroughly exercise a pet elephant of my own, but I would however do it outdoors. 

2. Your carpet is made of gravel. After the elephant is done with his workouts, you have to clean up the mess! He must have dirt on his feetsies, because you insist upon vacuuming daily. A gravel carpet is the only possible explanation for the sound that is made when you vacuum. The only one. 

3. Chicken soup races are how you and the elephant decide who picks dinner! I do love the sound of the cans rolling across my ceiling, but when they bang into the walls, we get a little jumpy down here! 

If you and Snuffleupagus could keep it down, your downstairs friends would truly appreciate it! 

The Couch Potato Princesses <3

PS: I think Snuffy needs to lay off the milk before bed- when he gets up for that 3am potty break it is a bit disruptive. 

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