Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bachelor Update 2/5

Hello friends! Due to the two night Bachelor special this week we have a bonus update for you! I am going to keep this one short and sweet and get right to the point.

One on one with Catherine on a glacier... It was a little boring. I don't care for her, but if you're a fan then I'm sure you thought this was a sweet date. But since I'm not a Catherine fan, it did nothing for me. She got a rose and will be back again next week.

On the group date Sean asked the girls to participate in the polar bear plunge. Why?! Why is this something you want to do with your future wife? It is beyond me why anyone would do it, period. Selma declined to participate because she's not a crazy person. Tierra came out of the water apparently experiencing mild hypothermia. She had to be taken away by the medics and they had to warm her up because she couldn't handle the cold. I have a hard time understanding how she could fake this to the extent which she was suffering, but I guess that doesn't mean she wasn't.. Thoughts? Was she faking or not?

Sean went to visit her in her room after she was recovering and encouraged her not to come to the party and focus on getting better. Naturally, she came to the party. I personally am sick of this girl. She's fake, she's manipulative, and she lies. I suppose this has boosted ratings in the past, and ABC wants the drama to keep viewers, but can we all agree we are tired of contestants like her? Maybe if we sign petitions they will start showing the Bachelor/Bachelorette footage of what they act like? They deserve to know what exactly they are dealing with.

Lesley got the rose on the group date because she kind of rocked it. Way to go Lesley! She still remains my favorite.

Desiree got a second one on one date while both Daniella and Tierra have not had one at all yet. Clearly, Desiree is a front runner. Again, the date was sweet but boring. They repelled off a mountain, so Sean clearly is a thrill seeker. I have come to conclusion that Sean and I would not be a good match, because I have no desire to be this adventurous all the time. Think it through, girls. He's always going to want to do ridiculous things. ABC won't always pay for it, but he will always want to do it. Desiree got the rose and enjoyed the end of her date.

In the end, he ended up sending home three more girls.

Sean told Sarah he just didn't feel a connection with her and it was time for her to go. I could see that he definitely does have stronger relationships with other girls, though I prefer Sarah to some others.

I think we all knew Daniella was in her way out. She has had very little interaction with Sean and he did not seem to have much of a connection with her. Sorry Daniella!

I was surprised that Selma was his second choice as a send off. I thought her connection with him was stronger than Lindsay or Ashlee, but clearly Sean thought different. Bye, Selma! You will be missed!

That's all for now, friends! Comment and let me know your favorites and whether or not you think Tierra was faking!

Here's a picture of Tierra crying for you to enjoy :)

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