Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bachelor Update 2/4

Heyyo Bachelor fans! This week's Bachelor brought us a double dose of fun and surprises as it is a two night event! Initially I intended for one post to encompass both episodes, but as I was a little wordy with my Monday night recap it will be done in two posts.
This is Chris. In case you didn't know. 

Everyone's favorite television host Chris Harrison started off the evening with a surprise announcement for the ladies:

We're going to France!

Oh, no... That's wrong.. Asia? Africa? Fiji?

No. These gals got to go to none of the fabulous places where previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes have taken their suitors.

We're going to Montana!

Yup, you heard that right ladies, you don't even need your passports!

Ok, I am not usually very supportive of the outlandish dates and vacations which are taken on this show because it is taking an unrealistic situation and making it even more ridiculous, but seriously... Montana?

But this does seem like a good choice for Sean since he's quite outdoorsy.

Beginning the episode, Sean took Lindsay (who I immediately dislike because of the a in her name) on a picnic. I need to rewind for a brief moment and clarify that I am not entirely sure as to why Lindsay is still on the show. She was the kookaburra who showed up on night one in a wedding dress and then ended up slightly tipsy after the first cocktail party. I was honestly surprised she made it past the first rose ceremony. Luckily, Sean did clarify this for me during his super secret on camera confessional. He confessed that he wasn't sure about keeping Lindsay at first, but that she had proven to be someone he really got along with. This was interesting insight considering I have seen Sean and Lindsay have virtually no interaction. However, on this date they were very lovey dovey and seemed to have spent much more time together than had been previously reported to us by the producers. What gives, ABC? I cannot make a determination on if I like her if you hide her from me.

At the end of the night Sean presented Lindsay with a rose ensuring Lindsay would live to receive another date card.

Sean took his group date to some kind of Redneck Relay Race (I'm allowed to say Redneck, my family is from the south) facility in which the ladies were forced to compete in crazy shenanigans in which they have almost no experience or expertise.

The ladies had to canoe race, haul hay bales, cut logs, milk a goat, and drink the milk. The winning team was once again rewarded by being the only team spending time with Sean after the relay, the losing team immediately being sent back to the lodge. Of course, Michelle and I disproved of this prize because our girl Lesley was sent back with the losers, which didn't sit well with us.

Lucky for us, Sean apparently felt the same way. He decided that there was at least one girl heading home was someone he needed to spend more time with because he rescinded the order that these girls stay home and brought them back out to join him at the party. Of course, there's no way to prove it was Lesley he was interested in, but we can hope. Naturally the girls on the winning team presented themselves as sore winners throughout the night complaining that they wouldn't have tried as hard had they known it didn't matter.

The icing on the cake for these complainers was when Sean gave the rose to Daniella, a girl from the losing team. Daniella spent her one on one time with Sean crying about how difficult this experience was and how hard it was for her to be there. Sean, this marks two weeks in a row that the group date was given out of pity. Stop pandering to the crybabies and start giving flowers to girls who are actually fun. Like Lesley ;)

The Two on One date brought both Tierra and the very pretty haired Jackie out with Sean, with the promise that only one of them would return.

First, Sean spent time with Jackie. Jackie used some of her time to bad mouth Tierra, which actually went over better than I expected, as he took the time to make out with her when she was done. Sean ideally would like no drama to unfold with any of the girls in the house as evidenced by his extreme distaste for anyone telling him anything about anyone else. But, it's not realistic. Of course there are going to be problems, and hiding your head away from all of it isn't going to help you. If there is one girl that people continually complain about or tattletale on, it is probably because she is a problem. You should recognize this from the time you spent in the house with Kalen.

When Tierra spent her time with Sean it was all very syrupy sweet and she opened up about her past love who was an addict who ultimately died. I'm not here to say that this isn't true, because I would never presume to call someone I barely know a liar, but what I do know about Tierra does give me pause and I am at least considering that this story was embellished in some way. It may not have been, but again, consider your source.

Sean ended up giving Tierra the rose and sent Jackie on her not so merry way.

This turn of events caused the rose ceremony to be full of drama and lots of people talking 'bout Tierra. Sean of course is getting increasingly more upset by this, and does begin to gain interest and asks for more information. As in, what is Tierra doing that is so bad? But no one had any answers for Sean because the only thing anyone can really say is that they don't like her. Sean chooses to ask Lesley about what is going on because he needs someone he can trust to tell him the truth. Lesley was very diplomatic about her answer and explained that Tierra was not nice or kind to anyone in the house and implied without actually saying that she is a different person when she was with and without Sean. ("You want to be with someone who is fun and around other people..." Yes, Lesley, we all prefer someone who is fun around other people, good call.)

Whether or not this resonated with Sean we don't know since Tierra did in fact already have her rose at this point.

Sean sent Robyn home, which I thought was deserved. She was overly aggressive when speaking to the cameras and wasn't a contestant I enjoyed. Sean seems to have pretty decent relationships with most of the girls left, so the next rose ceremony things should start to get interesting!

Tune in for tomorrow's all new Bachelor Update!

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