Friday, February 8, 2013

A Day (or two) in the Life of a Couch Potato

Recently, Michelle and myself have been in the throes of craziness. We've both been sick, Michelle way more so than me, trying to train for a half marathon, work, social lives, family obligations, and a super fun Mardi Gras party-- there has been a lot going on! In the midst of all of it there has not been a lot of time to blog. In fact, there has been almost no time to blog.

Luckily, we have a strange habit of recording our conversations, which has left us with plenty of material here to share with you and get to be a fly on the wall of our living room, car, or anywhere else.

This upcoming weekend brings the end of my half marathon training so I, for one, will have just a little more time available to bring all of my blog ideas to life.

But until then, here are some real conversations that Michelle and I have had in the past two months or so that were just too funny to no exploit for your entertainment.

*Please note some of these conversations were recorded by Michelle, I am not referring to myself I the third person :)

Sitting in Sweet Tomatoes (our all time favorite restaurant) we were very understandably distracted by a group of children in karate uniforms.

Michelle: Oh look, the ninjas are here.
Lindsey: Good. Maybe they can protect us from pregnancy.
Michelle: -after a moment of consideration- There are worse things in life.


Lindsey: Her butt and my butt are almost always touching.

She was referring to my dog while sitting on the couch, but it's funnier if you read it out of context.


Waiting for General Hospital to start the other day, we happened across The Chew. (We do not like The Chew, on principal. We've never watched it.)

Michelle: Clinton Kelly. I really like you, but--
Lindsey: But your show took over for One Life To Live and I cannot condone it. And Mario Batali, stop wearing Crocs.
Michelle: And ponytails! You're telling me, looking at this, the Crocs are the problem?


Lindsey: He was dressed really nicely.
Michelle: Well, because he came from work.
Lindsey: Or because he wanted to ask you on a date.
Michelle: (chokes on an almond) Now I'm sick to my stomach.


On our way home from our New Year's celebration, this happened:

Michelle: Can you slow down? I can't keep up with you.
Lindsey: Why don't you take your shoes off?
Michelle: Because my feet are sensitive and the ground will hurt them.
Lindsey: Oh. My. Word.
Michelle: (blows party horn)

Sometimes the blow of a party horn is the best response.


Sitting on he couch, in the dark, playing word games back and forth on our iPads.

Lindsey: Um... According to Scramble bed-rape is a word. Seriously? Bed-rape?
Michelle: I think it's be-drape... Like to bedrape something in cloth....
Lindsey: Oh.. (This was followed by a medicine induced fit of laughter)


Sometimes we people watch. It makes us feel better about ourselves. And it is funny.

Lindsey: That kid is totally in charge in that family.
Michelle: For real.
Lindsey: If I ever have a child who is in control of me, you have full permission to do something about it.
Michelle: (blank stare) No one will ever be in control of you. Ever. No really. We can call your mom, your dad, your sister... Whoever you want. You will never not be in charge.

Apparently, Michelle thinks I like to be in charge. She's not wrong.


Again, sorry for our lack of real blogs lately, but such is life! Hopefully you thought this was (kind of) funny and you have some more insight into life as a Couch Potato Princess.

Tune in next week when we have some kind of tribute written to honor our (kind of) friend Danny, who (kind of) likes our blog.

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