Friday, January 18, 2013

Lindsey and Michelle Problems

Problems. We've all got 'em. But, Michelle and I (think we) have them more than most. And I (think I) have them worse than Michelle. Let me go through them with you here and now, and you can help me decide if my, or our, problems really are all that bad.

Lindsey and Michelle Problem 1:

Dogs on Leashes

Just do it, people. I know your dog is probably super sweet and nice and she would never run away, blah, blah, blah. But it is an inconvenience for the rest of us! When I am finishing a run maybe I don't want your dog to be able to wander up to me and kindly sniff me. I am sweaty and not particularly a fan of wet noses I am not familiar with. Moreover, I never really know how it handle it, Guy Who Never Has His Dog On A Leash, when you walk ahead of your dog, and you have no idea that it is all over me. I am not comfortable with any of it. And furthermore, when other dogs walk by there's this whole everyone gets riled up thing happening. This causes trouble for all involved. Plus, what if I was allergic to dogs? Your four legged friend could potentially cause me severe breathing struggles and you would have no idea just by looking at me that I was plagued by this. Additionally, people are afraid of dogs. They should not have to face their fears during their end of the day walk just because you think your dog is better than any other dog who's owner chooses to follow the leash laws.

Lindsey and Michelle Problem 2:


Those bottles are a little pricier than we'd like them to be. And what's worse, they don't refill themselves! So we continue to have to go out and purchase pricey bottles to get us through our Bachelor Mondays, and any other stressful evenings that we may have during the week. Wine is a really nice de-stresser, which makes it essential to have in the house, because you never know when you are going to have a particularly stressful day.  The other evening I was inspired by a resident in my apartment complex who I think really had the right idea about wine. She was out for, what I presume to have been, a relaxing walk with her (leashed) pup. You know what she had with her? Wine. Yup, she had taken her end of the day relaxing walk, and combined it with her end of the day de-stressing glass of wine. Wine? Not her problem! (The fact that she had 2 glasses of wine with her may indicate that she has a different kind of problem, but I digress.)

Lindsey and Michelle Problem 3:


Surprisingly, our problem is unrelated to our own vacuuming, but instead is related to the vacuuming of our neighbors. Recently, someone who lives near us has been vacuuming to the extreme. Days in a row for an extended amount of time. How dirty can your apartment be? You vacuumed yesterday for over an hour, why do you need to vacuum again today for 45 minutes? This is a problem for us because it is SO LOUD and after about 27 minutes the sound starts to grate on you and becomes the worst sound in the world. I kid you not, nails on  a chalkboard has nothing on the sound of constant vacuuming. Please, please, please stop doing this. My sanity depends on it.

Lindsey Problem: 4

Skinned knees

Even though I am a grown adult with much practice at things such as standing upright, I recently have been the victim of gravity. Let me explain. On September 11, (please don't ask why I remember the exact date, it is a silly answer which involves my blue strappy wedges, which I was wearing that day, and has thus embedded the exact date in my mind) I tripped over an uneven spot in the sidewalk and went down... hard. My left knee was severely banged up and looked just terrible. Do you know how inconvenient it is to have a skinned knee? Dresses, skirts, and shorts are all out. You cannot wear them for weeks. This even cuts select capri  pants out of your wardrobe. As a girl who wear dresses almost every day to work, this is particularly bothersome to me. Plus, do you know how many band-aids you have to use? A ton. Because one band-aid is not enough, you have to use two each time. Then, you have to change them regularly, so as to keep it clean and all that jazz, which is just adding to your financial ruin because you are spending all your money on Neosporin and band-aids. What's worse, last week when I was out for a run, I tripped on a (different) uneven spot of sidewalk and went down... hard. I now have two new skinned knees which has obviously doubled my spending on Neosporin and band-aids.

Lindsey Problem: 5

Being right

I was born with the burden of always being right. It is a difficult load to bear, but I have been doing my best to handle it with grace and poise. I try not to argue my point too fervently when with mixed company, but it is really hard when I know they are wrong. Even when I am, very rarely, not as right as usual, I am still more right than most people. This is troublesome in many facets of my day and frankly, I am tired of it. ;)

Lindsey and Michelle Problem: 6

The Wraptastic

We need one. Immediately. Actually, we need 3. One for saran wrap, one for parchment paper, and one for aluminum foil. Everything they say in the infomercial is completely accurate. The drawers are messy with all those boxes which start to get tattered and torn, sometimes you do cut yourself on those sharp edges, and it does seem so much faster and efficient your way! Obviously, you now know what we are watching on TV as I type this blog post. If anyone is in a gift giving mood, you now know what we want.

Lindsey and Michelle Problem: 7

The thing that actually inspired this blog post was a text message I received earlier this week from a friend informing me that she and her husband had a #LindseyandMichelleproblem.

Let me explain. Michelle and I visit the same restaurant each week, twice a week (stop judging), because we play both music and regular trivia. As a result, we have started to get to know the people who work there. If I saw them out somewhere not only would we recognize each other, but we would also say hi. Additionally, you get to know the other patrons who also frequent the same trivia night. It is kind of like being on Cheers, you know, where everybody knows your name. It has become running joke with our nearest and dearest that we are VIP. Michelle and I also go to Sweet Tomatoes a lot. We really like it, it is totally justifiable because it is healthy, it is super close to home AND it is affordable. What's not to love?! Because we go there so often, our friends, Brianna and Josh, joke that we are also on our way to being VIP at Sweet Tomatoes. Well, joke no more Bri and Josh, because our favorite cashier told us about his new whackadoo manager on one of our more recent trips. He wouldn't tell just anyone about that, only VIP. He also tells us it is ok to get real drinks in our water cups. VIP status = achieved.

Brianna sent me a text message the other night that she and Josh were recognized at Moe's due to the frequency which they dine there. Congrats Brianna and Josh on your VIP status! You are well on your way to many more Lindsey and Michelle problems, I'm sure.

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