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Bachelor Update 1/14

It's that time again, Bachelor lovers! Michelle and I just finished watching another episode of season 17 of The Bachelor, and once again we were not disappointed! With Merlot in hand, we settled in for what was sure to be a fantastical evening.

On week 2, things get a little more interesting because the dating begins. Michelle and I were excited to see what fun adventures Sean had in store for the lovely ladies he has left in his brood.

Date 1: one on one
Girl: Sarah
Date: helicopter ride, building free fall, dinner

Ok, to start off, I need to mention that Sarah only has one arm. I didn't bring it up last week, but now that she has a one on one, I think we need to talk about it. I cannot imagine the amount of courage it took for her to come on national TV, trying to date a guy without having any idea how he will react, and having the guts to talk about your disability, again, on national TV. Kudos to you, Sarah.

Sean picked Sarah up for their date in a helicopter, which is extravagant and caused lots of jealousy. The Couch Potato Princess have yet to submit a verdict on the idea of a helicopter date. We have a collective fear of heights, so the instability of a helicopter would not really do anything for either one of us, but Sarah seemed to like it, and that is in fact all that matters.

What happened next was that Sean expected Sarah to free fall off a a skyscraper and join him in a champagne toast. What happened on the couch was a lot of gasping and even one yelp. What happened on the skyscraper was a girl willing to jump off a building. Sean then yammered on about how how nice it was to go out with a girl who was willing to be adventurous and you know... Jump off a building. It was at this point Michelle and I determined we will be forever alone because neither one of us will be jumping off a building for any man, no way, no how. Sarah and Sean enjoyed a lovely post-jump toast and a delightful dinner together.

Overall, it was a nice date. But just that... Nice. While we predict Sarah will be around for a bit more, we do not envision lasting love for these two. (As always, we reserve the right to change our minds later.)

Date 2: group date
Girls: lots... We will only highlight the memorable ones, both good and bad
Date: photo shoot for Harlequin romance novels

Well, every girl I know wants to get dressed up, have her hair and makeup done, and get her picture taken. We all, at least at one point, even if it was very long ago, wanted to be a model. It may have lasted for a minute, it may have lasted longer, but it was there. So this was obviously a good date choice for a larger group of ladies.

Overall the photo shoots were fun. Our favorite was Lesley M., who was dressed as a cowgirl and was super cute. The Harlequin romance book people preferred Kristy, who incidentally is an actual model, and gave her 3 book covers. Kristy was a little aggressive with her photo shoot, which I think can be a little off putting. Off putting to me, off putting to Michelle, off putting to the other 12 girls in the room, and maybe off putting to some of you out there. Feel free to let me know.

After the pictures were taken Sean announced that he would be taking the girls on a pool party date. Traditionally on group dates something similar to the pool party date happens, in which everyone sits around and Sean will then begin pulling girls away one by one to get some alone time, decide who he likes, who he doesn't like and to whom he will give the group date rose.

After we chose Lesley as our personal favorite for the night, we were pleased to see what Sean also really liked her. When he didn't kiss her at the end of their one on one time together, she went back to find him later and sealed the deal herself. We did not find tis aggressive or off putting. Kristy, take some notes.

We were of course pleased to see some one on one time with our very favorite contestant, Kacie B. Kacie did bring up the fact that she and Sean previously knew each other and how that was working out for Sean. He mentioned that he was having to transition from seeing Kacie as just a friend to seeing her as more. This was a heart stopping moment for all Kacie B. fans because at first you weren't sure how Sean was going to say this transition was going, but we all breathed a sigh of relief when he assured her that he was excited to see where this would take them.

Tierra spent the evening being mildly unpleasant. She wasn't outright nasty, but she did refuse to move from her end of the couch to join any of the other girls. Ok, Tierra, I can understand it being a little weird to spend time with a bunch of girls who are all after the same man you are. However, there is no need to make the whole situation awkward for everyone. Which is what you did. Suck it up, be friendly, and don't be so rude. She did perk up when she spent time alone with Sean, interestingly enough.

Katie, who Michelle affectionately nicknamed Yo Gabba Gabba because of her status as a professional yoga instructor, was not comfortable in this situation. In fact, she was quite uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that she pulled Kacie aside for a little heart to heart about if the whole show would be is way. You know... Like a competition. Yes, Katie this competition show will indeed continue to be a competition. Katie decided this wasn't for her and told Sean she would be leaving the show immediately. The loss of Katie did not really disappoint The Couch Potato Princesses. She hadn't really made any kind of impression, negative, positive, or otherwise, so wish her a fond farewell as she was just taking up space for someone else to fill with drama ;)

At the end of the group date, it is The Bachelor's job to distribute one lonely rose to the girl of his choosing. Against what seemed like impossible odds, Michelle and I found ourselves rooting for Lesley M. to get the rose, even though our girl Kacie B. was pretty confident she would be getting the rose.

And the rose goes to.... Kacie B! Kudos to Sean for sensing Kacie needed the extra reassurance that he did actually want her there. But, stay strong Lesley M., The Couch Potato Princesses have just named you favorite contestant of the night. You made us like you double what we did last week as well as being cute without being cutesy, which can be a tough line not to cross.

Also, no pool at this "pool party" date.... Can anyone explain that to me, ABC?

Date 3: one on one
Girl: Desiree
Date: art show, Punk'd, dinner

Sean took Desiree on a lovely date to an art show, brought her behind the scenes to see the piece de resistance, and then left her alone with a $1.5 million dollar piece of art that somehow jumped off a shelf and shattered.

Luckily for Desiree all of this was faked. Because Sean is a jokester, he thought this would be funny. Not funny, Sean. But, Desiree is an understanding gal and she ultimately thought it was funny. You know, after it was over and she was off the hook for breaking a valuable, irreplaceable piece of art.

Sean and Desiree then went back to his place, had dinner, and then got in an actual pool, unlike his last pool party date that did not seem to feature a pool.

Quote of the night from Michelle: "Bikinis and broken art on a first date? This is my worst nightmare."

Desiree and Sean had a pretty cute date together. Sean expressed that she was the first girl who had seen all sides of him and presented her with a rose. She then proceeded to take her time thinking about accepting it, to repay Sean for that whole broken art fiasco. Of course she accepted the rose and they had, what I am sure was, a lovely evening swim together. Desiree actually may have what it takes to be in this competition to the end.

Rose Ceremony:

Amanda took over for Tierra as Queen of Snottiness. She sat on the couch, wearing a sour face, arms crossed, basically ignoring people who tried to involve her in their conversations. Like our friend Tierra, Amanda managed to perk up as soon as Sean decided he was ready to spend a few minutes with her.

When all the roses were distributed it was Diana and Brooke who left us this week. Brooke was someone we really didn't know much about, which is why I was probably not super sad to see her go. If the producers aren't going to give me a reason to be invested in you, then I will not have a hard time saying goodbye. I did however really like Diana, and would have preferred that Sean had sent Amanda and her sour face home in her place.

Final Thoughts from The Couch:

Least favorites: for their snotty attitudes and what will surely be ridiculous drama, Tierra and Amanda

Favorites: Kacie B., and newly promoted Lesley M.

Most ridiculous thing of the night: the pool party with no pool

There you have it Bachelor fans! Please comment with your thoughts and follow us so you don't miss any posts! :)

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