Monday, January 21, 2013

A Couch for Couch Potatoes

Ahhh the true meaning of couch potato..Lindsey and I have decided we need a new couch. It's not that we don't like the couch we have, I mean, it has a pull out mattress which opens the door for all kinds of possibilities on movie nights or when out of town guests come over or when in-town guests come over and just don't want to leave. However, the couch is basically older than the two of us put together. That might be an exaggeration. It is also lacking just a bit on the comfort level, especially when one (or both) of us find that sitting up is just too much work while clearing out some space on the DVR. Lately we've taken to a routine of one person on the couch and one person on the floor. While this seems okay in theory, the person on the floor really gets the short end of the stick and also has to lay among the many allergens (and by allergens I mean pet hair) which only reminds us that we need to vacuum, and we, unlike The Elephant, refuse to vacuum at moments that might be considered rude by our neighbors (basically anytime other than a Saturday or Sunday Afternoon) (aren't we so polite?).
The point is we need a new couch. So, I've done some research (and by research I mean pinterest-ing) and compiled the top ten couches that Lindsey and I would like to own. Your job is to pick your favorite and comment on which one and why we should purchase that particular sofa. Easy, right? I mean, I've practically done the work for you!

couch :)

Couch #1
"The White Lounger"
Pros: There is a place to lounge AND a place to sit (worst case scenario, one of us could kind of lay on the sitting side, you know, for those times when we both need to be horizontal), throw pillows (we don't currently have any)
Cons: The couch is white - we drink a lot of red wine, I assume you can figure out why this might be a problem, no real option for overnight guests, I guess we can always pull out the air mattress

wonder if i could mcguyver this for my ikea couch. (methinks yes)Couch #2
"The Paneled Wonder"
Pros: Built in end tables which can be used anywhere on the couch (No more "Can you put this on the table for me? I can't reach.." moments), throw pillows (again)
Cons: It's basically a love seat.. while cozy, not quite what we are looking for as far as comfort and size goes

pillow couch awesome for kids/playroomCouch #3
"Pillow-top Ghandi"
Pros: Lots of pillows (which would undoubtedly be comfortable), a colorful conversation piece
Cons: I'm not sure how stable this couch would be, I mean, it's made of pillows. Was anyone ever successful at making a pillow seat as a child without roly-poly-ing off the top? I didn't think so..

Awesome boat couch :) <3Couch #4
"The Titanic"
Pros: Um... I'm having a hard time here. Let me just clarify, this is a boat? And a couch? But, why? I just.. it is beyond me why anyone would need or want this. For all your living room fishing needs.
Cons: I called this the Titanic because it needs to be sunk. Everything about this screams "con."

pit couch.... I would never leave my couch!!!

Couch #5
"Couchez de Classy"
Pros: This is super classy, like us; if you look closely you can see that there is wine bottle storage on the sides, which is also perfect for us; and it's practically a bed, we could both lie down at the same time without even touching each other.
Cons: It might not fit into our living room and we might just end up falling asleep on this couch more often than not. (Lindsey just informed me that these were not in fact "cons" but they were the only things I could even begin to pick at...)

I found 'Awesome Square Couch' on Wish, check it out!
Couch #6
"The Puzzle Piece"
Pros: (This is going to be a long list) First of all, it's a puzzle. A PUZZLE. So cool. It's entertainment for a rainy day, something for kids to play with when they come to visit, and it's like having two to four couches at any given moment. Also, you could make a fort out of it. Still not sold? Imagine it loaded up with pillows and blankets on a cold day. Done and done.
Cons: We would spend too much time rearranging it and lose time we could be using to empty out our DVR. It would be a problem.

A couch for people and cats!Couch #7
"The Cat Couch"
Sidebar: When I told Lindsey about this couch she exclaimed, "There's a cat couch?!? Well, Emma (her cat) needs that.."
Pros: It has a space for our beloved cat, Emma, which is obviously very important (I also don't think my small dog, Abbie, would hate it either).
Cons: It's kind of small.  I feel like this would only work if we had two of them, or more cats...

Couch #8
"The Bunk-Bed Couch"
Pros: It's a bunk bed, and a couch.. How could it get any better than that? Perfect for overnight guests, perfect for when we both want to lounge and watch movies.. this couch is amazing. Also, I think we would always have it set up as a bunk bed unless like, the Queen came to visit..
Cons: Are you kidding me? There are no cons. We may have to remove our ceiling fan, though..

Sprout a Couch!  Oh my gosh - how cool is this?  A lot of work to create but the results are amazing!! [ #diy #garden #gardening #design #couch #seating #outdoor ]Couch #9
Pros: This is literally my worst nightmare as far as couches go. I am not outdoorsy at all. Grass in my living room? No thank you. The only pro would be if it came with a hunky lawn-maintenance man to take care of the upkeep.
Cons: It's made of grass, it's dirty, we have allergies, you have to mow it. Ew.

CouchCouch #10
"The Man Couch"
Pros: If you can't see the "pros" you are blind. Blinded by this mans six pack abs. I don't want to sway your vote.. but this is the couch we like the best, for obvious reasons.
Cons: There might only be room for one of us Princesses on the couch.. which means we might be racing home from work a little faster than normal, an unsafe, but necessary choice.

The decision is yours, taters! Comment with your vote!


  1. while I am partial to #10, I would reccommend #1 but in a different color! Enjoy whatever new couch u get princesses! :)

  2. I think number 1 would look super awesome in a nice chocolate brown!! We will certainly post pictures of whatever couch we do decide on... Thanks Jenny!