Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bachelor Update 1/21

Happy Monday Bachelor fans! We hope this Monday finds you well, and with a day off as it has found us! ;)

Tonight's episode began with a one on one date between Sean and Lesley M. We were quite excited to see a date between Sean and Lesley because last week she made quite an impression on us. Sean took Lesley to Hollywood to the Guinness World Record museum and ultimately showed her that his father holds a world record, which was very sweet in the context of their date.

Sean then took Lesley to break a world record of their own- Longest Onscreen Kiss. The record was 3 minutes and 15 seconds which Michelle assures me is a record she broke in high school. I however am choosing not to incriminate myself... My mom reads this blog, people. Hi Mom!

Sean and Lesley successfully broke the record and continued in with a very sweet date.

Here's the thing friends, at this point- Lesley became our favorite.

She received her rose and continued to make these Couch Potato Princesses hope for her to win.

Group Date-

This evening's group date consisted of ladies competing in a beach volleyball competition in which only the winning team would get to spend time with Sean. First of all, Chris Harrison, when you come to the beach to unveil the twist to the contestants you can't even be bothered to wear a swimsuit? Linen pants and a button down seem acceptable to you?

Anywho, as in any game there are winners and there are losers, and the thing that stuck out to me most, out of all 6 winners and all six losers were these two things:

Losers: Kristy cried. Pull it together sister. 5 other girls also lost and they didn't fall apart, so it is not acceptable for you to be acting this way.

Winners: Kacie B., you know I love you- but pull yourself together sister. When Kacie went in to her one on one time with Sean she chose to tell him about Desiree and Amanda disagreeing. Sean felt like this was none of her business, and frankly he was right. Kacie tried to make the drama about two other girls which was certainly not the stance to take, especially when Amanda has been a problem for all the girls, not just Desiree. Way to make yourself seem crazy, Kacie.

At the end of the night Lindsay, of the super aggressive make out, ended up with the rose. I like her for obvious reasons... Even if she uses an a.

One one one- AshLee

From now on, I am refusing to capitalize the L in Ashlee. It is unnecessary and bothersome to me.

Before Ashlee's date could begin Tierra fell down the stairs. This caused paramedics to come and Tierra refused to allow them to taker her to the hospital which ended up in her getting a little extra one on one time before Sean took Ashlee on their date. At this point, I have a few things to say.

1. The drama was really lackluster. Tierra didn't get pushed nor did she accuse anyone of pushing her. Booooring. They hyped this up in the previews to the hilt, and it was basically a let down.

2. I cannot make a determination on whether or not she faked the fall. It seems a bit extreme, but she did ultimately benefit. You let me know what you think, friends.

3. And I don't dislike her as much as I thought I would until this point.

Ashlee and Sean's date finally began and they escorted two young, sick girls on a private visit to an amusement park followed by a concert by The Eli Young Band.

1. Ashlee's dress was not great. It was kind of see through, but not really...

2. This was a great date for Ashlee to be on because it really affected her and it was nice for Sean to be able to see her in that light.

3. How awesome that they took these two girls on their date with them!! These two girls will never forget this and it was very sweet.

Ashlee got a rose, which was deserved.

Cocktail Party:

I'm going to level with you here friends. At this point of the evening Michelle and I were discussing getting a 3 bedroom apartment with our friend Vicki and were not paying much attention to an uneventful cocktail party. sorry :(

Rose Ceremony:

Sean started off the rose ceremony by pulling our girl Kacie B. into a private convo and then sending her home. Our opinion was that Sean and Kacie were not quite meant to be and her departure was timely. But, ABC, keep her in mind as next season's Bachelorette!

Sean then also sent home Taryn and Kristy.

Without consulting my notes I do not remember much about Taryn. Again, if I do not know or remember anything about you...seeing you leave is not difficult.

Admittedly I did not like Kristy. She was over dramatic and hard to like.

So ultimately, the Couch Potato Princesses approve of 3 out of 3 send offs.

We like Desiree a large amount but both deem Lesley M. to be our fave.

Who are your favorites this far?? Comment to let us know!

Until next week friends!

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  1. My favorite part: the 3 bedroom apartment. I feel like it is definitely in our future! I've got the couches and furniture! =)