Thursday, December 27, 2012

Target Tour of North America

I have a mild shopping problem. It's a problem because I cannot stop doing it. I buy clothes like it is my job, but it works backward in that I have to pay people, and they are not paying me. As I am under paid for the job I am currently doing, this is a particularly difficult issue where my check book is concerned.

Recently, however, I have been better about this. I have done less shopping and more bill paying... yada, yada, yada, responsibility. Boo.

When my sister was in town for the holidays we took a little trip to the friendly neighborhood Target, and there, I saw The Dress. I wanted it, I needed it, I had to have it. But, responsible Lindsey decided to wait to buy it, because you know, money doesn't grow on trees and all. I couldn't stop thinking about it though. This was made worse by the fact that my sister went out and bought it for herself the next day. I was now obsessed. She had it, and that meant that I needed it even more than I originally did. And I have a rule that if you see something you want at a store and you are still thinking about it 24 hours later, you are allowed, by shopping law, to go back and get it.. So Christmas Eve morning before beginning the 45 minute drive to my parents house, I went to the Target by my house and bought it, without trying it on, of course. I was dismayed at the discovery that my normal size was just a wee bit too short. And, being the classy respectable girl that I am, I couldn't go traipsing about town in a dress that showed way more than the world was ready to see.

So, I returned the dress and planned to re-purchase it in a larger size. Except the Target by my Mom's house could not provide me in a green dress in the correct size. Thus, the Target Tour of North America began.

Ok, so it was really just the county I live in, not all of North America, but at that moment, I vowed that I would visit every Target I physically could, in order to get my hands on this dress. I already had a whole outfit planned and I was unwilling to compromise that I needed to be wearing it as soon as possible.

I struck out at the next Target, and the next one... and the next one.

4 Targets in under and hour, and not one location had this dress. Obviously, it was Christmas and the dress was green, and everyone probably bought it to wear festively. But, I would argue that those of us who want the dress for year long usage, not just holiday jollies, should take precedence.

The next morning I went to one last Target, 30 minutes north of my house, clinging to a shred of hope that victory would in fact be mine.

It was not. Victory, nor the dress, were mine. Sigh.

Here's the real kicker-

When I returned the dress initially and I could not find it in green, I bought it anyway... in white.

So, the entire time I spent looking for said green dress, the dress I so desperately needed and could not possibly live without, I already owned... basically.

Conversation I had with my sister (who in fact has the dress in green, but not in the size I need otherwise I probably would have stolen it from her before she left):

Me: They don't have it in green... Only in white.
Shannon: That sucks.
Me: I'm going to buy it in white. I feel like I need it.
Shannon: Ok.
Me: If I find it in green, I can return it. Or... Do I need it in two colors?
Shannon: (Silently makes a face that indicates I am ridiculous.)
Me: (Staring back, daring her to tell me I didn't need the dress in green if I already have it in white.)
Shannon: Of course you need it in two colors.
Me: That's what I thought.

Obviously, I am not the only one with a shopping problem.


  1. please advise if you would like me to check Targets in Charlotte. this could easily double your search parameters!

  2. This obviously opens a new world of possibilities. I will contact you posthaste regarding this issue!!