Sunday, April 21, 2013

Real things we've actually said.

Today I was doing some online spring cleaning (my Pinterest Boards have never been so organized!) and I came across this conversation that was catalogued and saved for a time much after it had actually taken place so that no one could be implicated. Please enjoy.

While doing a little Walgreens shopping...

Michelle: I ran into Aladdin* last week.

Lindsey: Oh? You're just telling me about this?

M: Yea. Because I saw him, I've been thinking about him. I thought I should mention it.

L: Maybe you should just call him. Get him out of your system.

M: What if that doesn't work? What if it makes me hate him? Or worse, what if I like him even more?

L: I say just go for it.

M: I'm going for some Swedish Fish. I've been wanting them for over a week.

L: Didn't you just have some yesterday?

M: Yes, yes I did. And it did NOT get them out of my system.

L: It didn't? Did it make you like them even more? Or just make you want a casual relationship with them?

M: We're not friends anymore.

Obviously, the asterisk indicates that names have been changed. We clearly don't know someone named Aladdin. Or do we...

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