Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chats on the Couch

This happened. While watching The Bachelor.

Lindsey: My ring finger is a seven, for future reference.
Michelle: Mine is an eight and a half. Or a quarter. Or three quarters. It is something weird like that.
Lindsey: I'll keep it in mind.
Michelle: For future reference, I want a proposal like the one in Sweet Home Alabama.
Lindsey: I can't help you with that. I'd have to travel back in time, get you onto a beach with some kid who is like three years older than you, then get you both struck by lightning. Then once I was back in the future I'd have to track him down again, get you both back to the beach again, and get you struck by lightning again. That is an awful lot of work.
Michelle: I meant the one in the beginning. With Patrick Dempsey. At Tiffany's.
Lindsey: Oh. That's probably more doable, but I won't make that promise either.

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