Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back Logged Bachelor Updates

You all may have noticed that it has been a while since I blogged a Bachelor update.... You can decide for yourself if it is because I don't like any of the girls who are left (it is) or if it is because of some other obscure reason (it's not).

Here's a short rundown on what has been happening since we last Bachelored:

We had to pick a new favorite since Lesley was sent home. I don't want to say we picked Desiree, but we thought she would win and she was pretty innocuous. She looks a little like Katie Holmes, but I swear, I was getting over that.


Katie Holmes

Sean must have heard that we liked Desiree, because he sent her packing. I may actually have told you this already, but I either way, a refresher can't hurt us.

After the hometown dates, and the dismissal of Desiree, Sean took Ashlee, Catherine and Lindsay to Thailand where the Fantasy Suite dates took place. I'm having trouble remembering anything really specific about these dates... It's been a while. I do know that Ashlee talked about her abandonment issues. She actually talked about her abandonment issues a lot this season. To the point of overkill. Don't get me wrong, I am sad for her. Being abandoned by your parents is heartbreaking. Really, it is. However, you were formally adopted at the age of 6 and fostered at the age if 4... I know you probably remember more from the first four years of your life than I do, but it cannot really be allllll that much. Can we ever say thanks to the parents who took you in and saved you from being abandoned? I'm just saying....

Ultimately, Ashlee was sent home. Michelle has her suspicions that she talked too much in the Fantasy Suite causing Sean to realize he couldn't stand a life with her incessant yammering. Obviously, we will never know if this is true or not.

On the Women Tell All Special we were fortunate to see all the cast off ladies once again. Highlights of this included Sean and Desiree still having more chemistry then Sean and anyone else. Tierra basically asking all the women to verbally attack her and flaunting her ENORMOUS engagement ring. And Ashlee accusing Sean of telling her that he had no feelings for the other two women. I'm not saying he did it or he didn't do it, but here is what I am saying: I have an easier time believing that Ashlee concocted that story and now truly believes it herself than I do believing that Sean would say that and then lie about it. You can obviously make that judgement for yourselves.

As for next week's episode, Sean will choose between Catherine and Lindsay and (hopefully) will propose to one of them. We are hoping for Lindsay and here's why:

Catherine is undoubtedly in love with Sean. She has stars in her eyes, gets a goofy grin and is truly enamored by him. They are very goofy and silly together and I am sure they have lots of fun. But their relationship is reminiscent of a high school relationship. Everything about the way she looks at him and interacts with him screams of a sixteen years old. I would worry that their relationship wasn't mature enough to withstand their real lives. Lindsay seems to have a more mature, grown up and adult connection with Sean. I think she also really loves him and hopefully they can live happily ever after.

Now, I know I am too invested in the lives of people I don't know, but we've come this far, so there's no turning back now.

That's all for now, Bachelor fans! Until we meet again!


  1. Since you are almost done with the Bachelor, and I they have been promoting this new show "Ready For Love"... I was wondering if it was going to be the next show you blog about. I love reality TV but I don't watch any of the dating shows... HA!

    1. I've seen the previews for that one! Actually, I think it looks a little less over the top than The Bachelor, and that is my biggest complaint about the show, so we might have to watch it and see how it is. I don't know if we will blog another show... It was A LOT of work to keep up with this every week. We will see... Haha.