Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arrrrr Mateys!

A late night chat about pirates.

Michelle: What if pirates were real?
Lindsey: Pirates are real.
Michelle: I know. But I'm talking about old timey pirates, with like peg legs and stuff.
Lindsey: I'm sure they used to be real. But we have modern medicine. They'd have prosthetics.
Michelle: You're telling me, that if I was out on the beach, and a pirate ship washed ashore, the captain would have a prosthetic leg?
Lindsey: Yes. I think a current day pirate missing his leg would have a prosthetic not a peg.
Michelle: I want real pirates. With peg legs, hooks and crocodiles
Lindsey: Like Peter Pan?
Michelle: Yes. His name was Captain Hook, not Captain Prosthetic. And Captain Planet, not Captain Transplant.
Lindsey: Captain Planet wasn't a pirate. He was a hero.... Trying to take pollution down to zero.

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