Monday, July 8, 2013

Sorry for our incredibly long absence...

Hey friends! Sorry we have not posted in such a long time, but we have been very busy bees!! Some things we have done in the last few weeks:
1. Had a super awesome painting party for Michelle's birthday.

2. Won a gift card at music trivia.

3. Took a ten day vacation.

4. Climbed mountains and waterfalls. Some of the same ones Katniss Everdeen climbed.

5. Hung out with bears.

6. Climbed down a gold mine.

7. Panned for gold.

8. Went to a vineyard. (I stole a grape, Michelle did not. Clearly you know which of us is the rebel.)

9. Ate with chopsticks. (Again, that was me, not Michelle. She in fact thought it was ridiculous that I was "eating with sticks like some kind of bear in the woods.")

10. Went to a museum.

11. Supported a TON of locally run restaurants and businesses.

12. Watched Duck Dynasty.

13. Drank moonshine.

14. Missed our homes, pets, and beds. And all of you, of course. Look for our Bachelorette update tomorrow! 


  1. Someone told me (someone who is a known liar) that moonshine tastes like apple juice. Did you find this to be:

    A) True
    B) False

    P.S. I hope you liked my mini quiz, I figured I would remind you two of what you're missing while it for the summer ;)

    1. Well.. I'd have to say C.) I cannot make an appropriate determination, because we drank blackberry moonshine.

      But it was tasty in Sprite! :)

    2. Welcome back! We have missed y'all! Sounds like you had a fabulous that you paired Moonshine and Duck Dynasty together! :)-Ashley