Monday, February 11, 2013

Bachelor Update 2/11

Hello Bachelor fans! Two under the weather Couch Potatoes are here to update you on your favorite reality show.

Tonight's episode started off with Tierra deciding she could no longer share a room with any of the other girls. I have no comment on this because it is ridiculous.

Sean started off the night with a one on one date with Ashlee. Tierra, being the peach that she is, was extremely rude about Ashlee's age when she got the date card. First of all, 32 is not old, second of all, you're mean. She is the contestant who I hate most on this show.. all time. I am trying to dig deep into my memory and find one who I hated more.. Maybe Vienna.. Michelle hated Courtney more.. But it is a tough call.

Sean took Ashlee boating on a yacht, followed by some fun in the sand. Sean asked Ashlee about Tierra and the dramatics in the house, and Ashlee answered honestly about why none of the other women like her. For Sean, this is difficult because he does see an entirely different person and they get to see both of her personalities, which I am sure is aggravating.

Back to Ashlee, after their beach day Sean took her to dinner where she had a dramatic confession. Ashlee hyped this up to be the confession of the century because she was so incredibly nervous to tell him. When she finally admitted that she had been a married high school junior Sean handled it perfectly. To him, it may not have been that big of a deal, but to her it was huge. Sean didn't downplay it and reassured Ashlee that she was perfect just the way she was. Ashlee ended the date by telling Sean she loved him. There are no one on one roses this week, but I am fairly certain Ashlee would have received one after the day they spent together.

Tierra got the next one on one which she found disappointing because she thought she would like a day boating more than she would like to shop in downtown St. Croix. So even when she gets what she wants (the one on one) she has something to complain about.

The two of them went around St. Croix and shopped and Sean asked her about the drama in the house also, which she blamed on the girls' jealousy that she got first rose.

Tierra then later called him out on being distant on the date and he came clean and said it had to do with the what had been going on between her and the other girls. Tierra is of course angry that someone "threw her under the bus" and retaliated by telling Sean that she is falling in love with him. Because some how, that is a retaliation. Again, no roses on the one on one, but I think Sean probably would have given her one yet again. Sean did determine that she probably is not nice to the other women, but that she was there for the right reasons.

For the group date Sean came to pick the girls up very early, while they were still sleeping, and took their pictures with no makeup on. Risky business, for sure, but he survived. They first went to see the sunrise then went on a kind of tour of the island type thing.. It was not a great date because he spent the majority of his time flirting and connecting with Desiree, and basically ignoring Lindsay and Catherine. Sean did eventually spend time with Lindsay and Catherine and it was nice, so he definitely has his work cut out for him.

In a shocking move, Sean gave Lindsay the group rose date because he "definitely wants to meet her family." Michelle and I were surprised that Lindsay got the rose because honestly, we thought she would be going home. Our bets for top 4 were Desiree, Lesley, Tierra and Ashlee,  so we will be interested to see who he will be sending home from our selections.

Lesley, everyone's favorite political consultant, got the third one on one date. Sean began this date with a dagger to our hearts by telling us that he was not sure he had a deep enough connection with Lesley. He said this one on one would be good time for him to decide if she was someone he needed to keep longer. (At this point, there were anguished cries in our apartment of "Nooooo!! Not Lesley! Don't send her home! Please don't keep Tierra!")

The date started off kind of awkward, which is not a good omen for Lesley. Sean is clearly picking up on this and thinks they should be at a more comfortable place. It takes Lesley a long time to come into her own when she is with Sean, and this is not true of the other girls, which probably makes her a less desirable choice. The Couch Potato Princesses are heartbroken over this revelation and are very nervous that our sweet Lesley will be on her way out.

While Sean was having a heart to heart with his sister, Tierra confronted Ashlee about her speaking to Sean about her. Naturally, a fight ensues. I cannot even begin to explain this argument to you, because Tierra was so incredibly ridiculous. My best advice is to Youtube it. Ashlee let Tierra know, in no uncertain terms, that it was Tierra's character that was off putting to all the girls in the house. Tierra didn't take this well and ultimately told us that she couldn't control her face. The whole fight was unbelievable. But, as my friend Sadie will tell you, the best line of the night was "No one.... (tear, gasp) can take my sparkle away!"

Meanwhile, Sean's sister is telling him to not end up with the girl that no one likes. Who Sean knows to be Tierra. So, he decides that he will go to get Tierra so his sister can talk to her, to you know.. see if she could see something he didn't. Tierra has banished herself to her cot at this point and is sobbing, which is actually perfect for her since her entire goal is for Sean to see her as the victim.  They had a contrived heart to heart in which she blames Ashlee for her crocodile tears, the rising cost of gas, and the lasting effects from Superstorm Sandy. With all the dramatics clearly flung in his face, plus the advice of his sister weighing heavily on his mind, Sean had to take some to think through what his next step will be. At this point, all of Tierra's conniving backfired, and Sean basically invited her to leave right away. Of course, he softened the blow by telling her he was crazy about her but that she would be better off leaving now rather than putting herself through more. Best joke of the night was when Sean asked her if she wanted to say goodbye to everyone else... No Sean, no she does not. Because none of them like her, and she does not like them.

Sean elected to not have a cocktail party and and decided to start the rose ceremony early. Desiree and Catherine got the first two roses leaving us to worry and wonder about who exactly Sean would send home, Lesley or Ashlee, after his newly issued decree that he was not interested in any drama, as he pointedly stared at Ashlee, who was of course the cause of the drama with Tierra today.

Ultimately, Sean did choose to keep Ashlee, thus sending home Lesley, who has been our favorite from (almost) day one. At least we can cling to the hope, that maybe, possibly, fingers crossed, Lesley will be the next Bachelorette.

Catherine was also heartbroken about Lesley leaving because she felt like Sean and Lesley had a lot in common and if he didn't want her, she just wasn't sure what Sean wanted. This is perplexing since basically she said that she thinks she should have gone home before Lesley should have. Catherine, I do agree with you, but... it is weird that you think this way.

Now, we are tasked with choosing a new favorite. Most likely, we will pick Desiree, but... We can't be sure at this juncture. There is still Lindsay with an A who I go back and forth about because she spells her name incorrectly. Time will tell and I promise we will have a new favorite next week.

That is all for this week! Tune in next week for more Bachelor fun and for goodness sake.... Don't let anyone take your sparkle!!!


  1. Love how "32 is not old" was in there. Thanks girls! Haha. I'm a youngin at a mere 31 then! We all laughed over here when that was happening. Things are getting shaken up on our show! Can not WAIT til the madness next week!

    1. I am always thinking of you!! Hehe! I am very excited to see next week. I actually may be swaying my vote to Lindsay... It would be kind of cool if she came back from the wedding dress fiasco and find true love! Plus, she has a pretty sweet name!