Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bachelor Update 1/7/13

No, unfortunately this is not an update about the bachelors in mine and Michelle's life, but alas, is an update about the trashy reality TV show, The Bachelor. It is probably not a shock to very many people that Michelle and I watch reality TV, but it is worth mentioning this is the only one. Almost.

There are a few rules about watching The Bachelor when you watch with The Couch Potato Princesses. Ok, there's one. You have to watch with a glass of wine. This is not because wine is both delicious and Paleo, but because wine is like the official sponsor of The Bachelor. So, you have to drink it to fit in. In fact, this evening, before The Bachelor started Michelle and I realized we were in fact completely out of wine, and this, my friends, will just not do. To rectify this problem we went out, after yoga, after dark, and after dinner to get ourselves a bottle to get us through tonight's episode. Those are our three main rules: no going out after exercise, dark or dinner. We broke all three to get ourselves our bottle of Bachelor wine. (Worry not, the bottle will last for more than one episode, but it will most likely not last until next week's episode. If you catch my drift.)

Now, onto a recap of thoughts Michelle and I had throughout tonight's season 17 premiere.

I'd like to first and foremost thank the people at ABC for selecting Sean as this season's bachelor, because.. Well he has a kind heart, sweet soul, and looks pretty great without a shirt on.

One of the best things about this show is the drama. I don't want to be amused by the screaming matches and the cat fights, and yet... I am. The Bachelor is definitely a better source for drama than The Bachelorette. Most of the time, the men in the house really do impress me with their competitiveness on screen, but overall they are much more mellow than a house full of ladies. Thus making The Bachelor your go to source for all things dramatic. This season's previews proved that this year would be no different. Someone falls down the stars?! Bring it on, ladies. 

Sean has the daunting task of meeting 25 women and determining which seven of them to send home and which to keep around to get to know better. I have the unique perspecitve of knowing what it is like to walk into a room and have (nearly) 25 sets of eyes trained upon you, expecting you to have all the answers to the questions of the universe, as well as being able to lead them to sure fire fame and success. (No, I am not a self help guru, I am merely an elementary school teacher. Which is kind of the same thing on most days.) 

But wait! What's that, world's best reality show host, Chris Harrison? There's a 26th girl?! Michelle and I were highly intrigued to see which former contestant would be gracing us with her presence this season. (Really, our feelings could go either way.. We are both judgemental if we hate you or incredibly supportive if we like you.) 

"Kacie B.!" We both screamed out in unison as our very favorite contestant from Ben's season got out of the limo, and we were more than thrilled to see that she was back!

As I was introduced to the season's contestants and got to know a little bit about them all, I am pleased to say there is only one who I thought was completely horrific at first meet. I will choose to not identify her here and now, but most likely my distaste her for her will come out in a later Bachelor recap post. Because yes, my reality TV friends, this will be a weekly segment. 

As far as cocktail parties go, I found this one to be not offensive. The girls were not particularly catty, which I think is an appropriate stance for a lady to take on her first night in the house. I was not, however, a fan of the whole handing out roses as we go thing Sean had going on. I thought it was a little confusing to me, as well as to the girls in the room. Plus, it added a little extra tension, which was not great. 

At the end, when the rose ceremony was complete Sean had sent home 7 ladies, who I will now recap here for you all. 

Ashley P.- Ashley was both drunk and a 50 Sahdes of Grey junkie. Good call, Sean, good call. 

Ashley H.- (Don't worry, he kept AshLee F., who spells her name weird, but does still leave an Ashley on the show.) Ashley H. was pretty innocuous, I can't really tell you much about her, which is probably why she got sent home. 

Lacey- I actually liked Lacey and think Sean maybe should have thought again about sending her home. She had a cute heart made of lace thing going on for her, and she was not drunk like Lindsay. (Please note the spelling, this was not me ;)

Kelly- Kelly sang a song at her first meeting with Sean and this caused her to get a stamp of disapproval here on The Couch. Not that a song is a bad idea (we all remember Jason and Molly and how THAT fiasco turned out. Congrats on your baby, Mesnicks!), but Kelly took herself very seriously and sang that song as if she were Carrie Underwood performing one final encore at the Grande Ole Opry. Kelly is from Nashville, but this does not make it ok. I thought she was a little too intense and if she had perhaps down played her angle and been a little more humble with her tune, it may have been more appealing. Another approved cast off. 

Paige- Paige is a jumbotron operator. For this reason alone, I think she deserved at least another week. I needed to hear her talk about what that job is like. She was a Superfan from The Bachelor Pad (trashy TV we do not watch!), which probably freaked Sean out a little. She seemed really nice though, I promise.

Lauren- Lauren threatened Sean with her Italian father upon first meeting him. Too far, Lauren. This could have definitely been a contributing factor in what sent you home. 

Keriann- I do not actually remember much about Keriann either, but I do not think I liked her. This most likely had to do with the fact that her hair was neither straightened or curly. Pick a look Keriann. Awkward waves from your bedhead are not cutting it. This is prime time.

Overall, not bad choices Sean Lowe. The Couch Potatoes give you four thumbs up for tonight's rose ceremony. 

Favorites so far, because you know we have them!

Kacie B.- Duh. We have agreed that we would watch an entire season of just Sean and Kacie dating. We love her that much.

Diana- I like her more than Michelle, but I think she will come around to my way of thinking. 

Tierra- We actually really liked Tierra. We didn't think we were going to, because she was a little cheerleader on steroids during her first interview, but she managed to redeem herself, and even got the first rose from Sean after arriving at the cocktail party. However, we have learned in the previews for upcoming episodes that she is a little crazy. So, Tierra, you get favorited for tonight based on the merits of your performance so far. I do however reserve the right to immediately revoke this after watching even the first 30 seconds of next week's episode. 

AshLee F.- She organizes for a living. I have mild OCD. Plus she was kind of cute and fun. 

There you have it Couch Potatoes! A recap from this week's The Bachelor. It is ok to admit that you like it too, share your thoughts about the first episode, and follow our blog so you're sure not to miss any future postings ;) 

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Don't watch it and never will but I will continue to read your updates!! However, if you would like to post updates on The Biggest Loser I would be happy to contribute!

  2. This is such a fun blog - I will keep reading. The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure!

  3. Glad you like our blog! We just want to share our fun with everyone. And Biggest Loser updates may in fact be forth coming, but we haven't watched the new season yet. Thanks for reading :)